The Business Impact of Exceptional UX Design: ROI and User Retention

“What a stunning website you have!” – every B2B business owner craves to hear these golden words from their existing and potential clients. What most business owners don’t understand is that this compliment might merely be about the aesthetics of their website. Most UI/UX design companies affirm that a remarkable website goes much beyond the visual appeal; it’s more about the FUD that people need. In simpler words, FUD is:

Functionality – If the users can do what they need to do 

Usability – How useful a system is

Desirability – How fun, attractive, and pleasant to use it is 

As a UI design company with experience of working with 50+ brands, we have come across multiple companies treating user experience design as an afterthought. What they fail to understand is that UX issues are a direct cause of site abandonment and lost revenue; creating a beautiful website is no longer enough. Let’s delve deeper to understand why we are obsessing over the significance of exceptional UX design.

Good UX Design Yields Positive Results

User experience design is about giving your visitors clear directions so they go down the exact path you want them to take. But if this direction isn’t clear, your website visitors will go all over the place and may even leave the website. Not to forget, according to the survey by Forrester Consulting, not only do consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less, but 40% of users will also abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load. So when you craft an effortless and smart UI design for your website, you know you are allowing the visitors to use and interact on your website, increasing the chances of meeting your end goals. 

Uncomplicated UX Design Increases Customer Experiences

Like every other UI/UX design studio, we believe that an effective UI website design is made to . Their entire design is developed to make your users feel more comfortable and trusting of your organization, making them more likely to fill out your lead form, add something to their cart or take any action as per your business. That trust pays off in higher customer retention rates since satisfied website visitors return and buy more. These satisfied visitors will share the news with their friends, which brings in more customers and sales.

Attractive UX Design Wins Over Competitors

People use websites and mobile applications they remember. A good design by a reputed UI design agency often proves to be a strong differentiator between good websites and exceptional ones. Unique and effective UX design can help your business win over your competitors, but the user-friendly design will ensure that the website stays there. Website visitors will get attracted to a good design and in-turn convince their friends to do so, in-turn increasing the company’s staying power in the competitive landscape. And this way, we get back to our previous benefit of increased ROI and user retention. 

As we have seen, there are many aspects to take into account when it comes to quantifying all of the long-term benefits of good UI design, like drop off rate and conversion rate. We can help you in making the most of these elements and creating impeccable UI design after understanding and identifying your customer needs and pain points. We are a full-service UI & UX design agency that loves helping brands reach their goals with personalised and effective UI and UX solutions.

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