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Dark Patterns: An unethical truth
By Admin   |   March 5, 2019   |    Design

The User Interface of a website is all about selling the product and making it stand out in the eyes of the user. The designs…

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Common mistakes during UI Design
By Pranjali Jakatdar   |   October 15, 2018   |    Design

For businesses to excel today, it is very important that they possess a strong presence online including a good Social Media presence as well as…

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Tips for Packaging Design
By Pranjali Jakatdar   |   August 27, 2018   |    Design

Professional Tips for Creating Best Packaging Design No matter where you’re selling your product, if it is in the supermarket or if it’s online, your…

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10 Reasons why people don’t trust your website
By Pranjali Jakatdar   |   August 13, 2018   |    Design

Many a time, users might visit your web-site only to leave it in a fraction of a second. Why does this happen? Why do users…

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UX Design for Beginners
By Pranjali Jakatdar   |   August 6, 2018   |    Design

Modern day Millenials are considered to be well-informed individuals who are picky with their tastes and preferences. This is because they were fortunate enough to…

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Why design matters for startups?
By Admin   |   March 17, 2017   |    Design

Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” A design is not just…

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