Role of a Brand Consultant

“How do I increase sales and retain existing customers? How do I get my audience to react to my brand the way I want them to? What should I do for my brand to make it distinct? What kind of campaign should I launch for my brand?” And a lot more. The concerns of clients are never-ending just as the number of brands in the current market. Agencies and consultancies are bombarded with these questions and dealing with them becomes easier with a brand consultant. 

 A brand consultant provides his expertise in brands, markets, research, and solutions. They work with agencies and brands to provide guidelines on strategies, crisis management, analysis, and marketing for their clients. They are critical thinkers who take strategic and creative decisions for a brand to excel in the market and stay on top. Let’s skim through the highlights of a brand consultant’s role.

  • Evaluate 

A brand consultant must evaluate the situation and try to clearly understand the client/ brand requirements. They must study the brand and the product, to effectively formulate a launch plan or smooth execution of the promotion. The fundamental of the entire branding process lies in the evaluation as it helps them understand the goal of the clients, know their vision and values, target audience, and market. 

  • Analyze the problem statement

By analyzing the problem statement, the brand consultant studies the issues that need to be addressed and improved. The simplest way to do that is by highlighting the Five W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why. This helps in understanding the problem and taking the initial steps towards formulating a solution. 

  • Audience and Market Research

After addressing the Five Ws, the brand consultant’s role is to analyze them and derive solutions for the same. Conducting an audience/ market research is one of the most important roles as it helps to understand the situation & streamline the entire procedure. 

To know where the brand is launching or promoting, who will witness it, what will be the response to it, how can it be analyzed, etc. are the benchmarks that a consultant tries to assess in this phase. 

  • Plan the strategies

Lastly, comes the execution plan that a consultant works on at the forefront along with the marketing team. After finishing the research and accumulating all the information, brand strategy and campaigns are planned that effectively convey the brand message to the audience. It does not stop there as a brand consultant keeps a close eye on the execution of the proposed plans and uses the analytics to gauge the response. 

A brand consultant has the responsibility of the end-to-end process of brand strategy and has to coordinate with multiple departments to make sure that the branding is seamless and the company is advancing. 

Neelima Patel

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Neelima Patel

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