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We commence our process with brief knowledge transfer sessions to scrutinize your brand’s past and current status as well as ideology. We run extensive research for new brands to prepare competitive benchmarking which helps to develop an end-to-end strategy. This lays a solid foundation as we can discover multiple paths to build your brand strategy.



Following that, we run a wide research to create extensive brand personas across a wide mix of real users to analyze aspects like their psychology, lifestyle, demographics, preferences, etc. This ultimately helps in communicating the brand vision, mission, and values to our target audience to build a transparent connection. With this, we take a step forward towards building a brand that customers remember you by.



Moving further we define your brand positioning, brand personality, and brand attributes. We majorly utilize every scope of innovation and creativity to make your brand presence remarkable in the market and leave an impression on every customer.



Finally, to package all the facets together, we define your brand tone and voice, nomenclature and visual language. This makes the delivery of the brand message extremely clear and precise. An amalgamation of each of these elements will develop a strong brand strategy in this competitive market.

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Brand Strategy Agency

A brand’s major motto is to differentiate itself and the products from its competitors. And it can be accomplished with a well-built and well-executed Brand Strategy. In simplified terms, Brand Strategy plays a crucial role in creating a positive image in your customer’s mind.

To begin structuring a Brand Strategy, it is important to understand what the brand has been doing so far and how has it been perceived. Whereas for a new brand awaiting to step in the market, we scrutinize the market status and right from the foundation, we build the best for you. A thorough assessment of your competitor’s activities is the key aspect that we never miss on.

A Brand Strategy is an amalgamation of determining the target audience, generating awareness and optimum usage of platforms to accomplish the same. There will always be a brand in the market investing a lot to the same. But the key aspect that we follow to make your brand stand out is, to outline the qualities of your brand and promote the same amongst the target audience. The exercise of defining the right target audience allows understanding who is consuming your content, clicking on your ads, opting for e-mail subscriptions and many such similar activities. By knowing the nitty-gritty about whom we are targetting lays strong pillars for Brand Mapping and Brand Architecture. To have your customers hooked onto your brand we are precise about communicating the Vision, Mission, and Value of the brand efficiently.

The market is vast plus very competitive and to sustain, a strong Brand Positioning is necessary. Your brand positioning is an articulation of what differentiates you in the marketplace. In addition to it, we also work closely on building your Brand Personality which characterizes its identity and gives a touch of personal interaction with customers.

When it comes to Brand Communication, we set a uniform way to talk about your brand, both internally and externally. Messaging architecture helps you do this, giving you the language, words, and descriptions to communicate what you do, how you do it, and what makes you different.

After establishing every aspect of your brand, the key to making any exercise successful is consistency. Our team is skilled and passionate to drive your brand towards greater heights not just with consistency but also adaptiveness. The market undergoes ample transformations and for us, it's just a stepping stone as it widens the scope of experimentation and innovation for the brand. Speaking of keeping up with the transformations, there’s no better example than Apple. May it be the changing trends or a new brand dominating the market, Apple as a brand stays intact with its innovative advertising, packaging, and overall brand communication.

Our Brand Strategy for you is structured in a manner that will keep your brand unimpaired and sustainable in the competitive market. The proficiency of our team never stops juggling with innovative ideas to strengthen your brand each. Get bigger and better with 3MD’s extensive brand strategy process.

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