Brand Identity

The components that are related to a product, company, service or brand is known as it’s brand identity. These components are the name, logo, tagline, font, and tone of language that create an appeal for the brand.

Brand Identity is the message received by the consumer that connects with the recognition of the product or service.

Honesty is always best policy, especially to build customer loyalty.

Credibility is essential in developing a strong customer experience. The Brand Identity created will determine if your audience perceives your brand to be credible or not.

The Ripple Effect:

It is important that the identity created by the brand matches the image projected to the public.

94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to brand when it commits to full transparency.

80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand.

77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth.

64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.

When a person sees a particular shape or typeface, they can immediately connect it to a particular brand. This helps the brand to gain preference among its competition and keep them loyal to their choice. It represents the popularity of the brand and creates the usage of the product into a status symbol.

Brand image is all about consistency. It is about sending the same message about the product or service from all of its components.

Our design team is adept at helping your brand create an identity by picking apt components that will help you gain recognition and become a popular product or service in the market.

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