Four Crucial Things to Consider While Naming a Brand

“What’s in a name” – When William Shakespeare quoted this through Romeo & Juliet, he wouldn’t have thought about branding for sure. Why we are saying so because today the name of a brand is as important as the brand itself. We live in a world where a name represents several aspects of a company including its values, principles, and its connection with the audience.

So, basically, brand naming is not such an easy task. There is a lot that goes into it. There are numerous things that should be taken into consideration while deciding on a name for your brand. With the help of our experts, we have listed the most important factors you should keep in mind to nail a perfect name for your enterprise. Have a look:

Must be Simple

It has been truly said that Simple is complex and it holds true for brand names too. This is because it’s comparatively easier to find complicated titles than finding a simple one that matches all the criteria of your company. However, audiences like simple small names that are uncomplicated such as Apple, Lays, and Google. Also, these names are easy to remember and people don’t have to struggle with their pronunciation. So, when you are choosing a name to represent your business, look for something that is effortless for people to understand and keep in their consciousness.

Must Elicit Emotions

The emotional connection of the audience with the brand is extremely crucial for it to be successful. That connection comes from several factors such as the services, customer experience, product quality among others. However, the first thing that people get connected to is the name of the brand. There are several companies whose names have become synonymous with certain needs of the people. For example – when you think about sports needs, Puma or Nike pops into your mind. This is because of the connection of the audience with the name. So, while deciding the name for your enterprise, search for anything that evokes the feelings of people.

Must be Meaningful

Another crucial aspect of brand naming is finding a name that is meaningful. You can’t just pick out a name that means nothing, it has to be something that has some meaning literally or descriptively.  Look at the name Amazon for example. Amazon literally means a forest that is home to a plethora of flora and fauna just like the e-commerce website that houses numerous products. Also, when you look at the name, you can find an arrow from A to Z and it symbolizes that you can get everything on that site. So, find a name for your enterprise that is meaningful not anything that is random and meaningless.

Must Reflect Your Values

This might be the most difficult part of brand naming. This is because more than the products or the services, a brand is made from its values. People also stay loyal to the companies that do not compromise on their principles. So, the name of the brand should also represent those values and finding that is a challenge. However, brand naming also plays a part in brand positioning and you can’t compromise on it. No matter how difficult it is to find the perfect name that reflects your brand’s principles, you must keep looking for it. 

When you find the perfect name, it will last as long as your brand does, and maybe even after that provided you make a mark in the people’s mind. For Example – Compaq, a computer brand that doesn’t exist now but people still remember it. So, make sure you take time and research a lot before naming your business as it is going to be with you for a long time. That’s why to make it easy for you, we have listed these factors that one should consider for a perfect brand name. You can also take help from a brand consultant for the same. 

Hopefully, now you understand that a brand name matters a lot and also that the quote by Shakespeare mentioned at the top wasn’t meant for the business world. So, find the perfect name for your brand and make it a symbol of your work.

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