Five Tips to be Better at UX Designing

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design. – CEO, Jaguar Land Rover

The above statement encapsulates the role of designing for any brand and when it comes to UX design the importance goes up a few notches more. The most obvious reason behind it is that no matter how better a product is or how innovative your idea is if the user is unable to achieve what he wants with it then everything else is redundant. Apart from that, there is another pressure of getting it better without having a set of prerequisites to do the job. For UX, you can’t have a fixed set of patterns that can guarantee you great results because it is an experience, it’s a feeling and as humans, we can always feel better. So, every time you do UX designing you act based on your instincts and this makes the job even more challenging.

As it has already been mentioned that there are no set rules that can ensure a flawless UX design. However, there are some tips that can help you reach closer to what you want to achieve. Have a look:

Communication is the Key

What differentiates a good UX design company from a great one? It’s their ability to communicate about their designs within their organization as well as outside of it. When you are able to elaborate on [your design and what you want to achieve with it, then half the battle is won. We are not talking about explaining your idea using just technical terms of UX design but with terms that even common people can interpret. If you are able to do so then it shows that you are crystal clear about your goal and no one can be better at UX designing than someone with a clutter-free mind. 

Concentrate on the Process

This can be true for anything but the importance of process is much more when it comes to UX design. As a designer, you can’t just think of the particular problem that you need to solve. To come up with a solution you need to understand the whole process that the user went through to reach that point. So, when you start designing, always try to put yourself in the user’s shoes and then try to understand the entire flow. 

Explore as Much as You Can

No matter what we do, we as human beings tend to stick to the first solution of any issue that we need to solve. However, as UX designers, you are not allowed to do that. You can’t just start working on the first idea that comes to you. This is because you don’t know how effective it can be or can you do better. So, before deciding on any particular design, explore several options and look for a better solution to the problem. Once you have multiple options, you can work on the one you believe is the best of the lot.

Let Visual Design Take a BackSeat

UX designers have to make sure the user embraces the product and enjoys it thoroughly. Ensuring that it happens is already a difficult job and you don’t want to get distracted while doing it. So, when you are practicing UX design your only focus should be on the ideas towards making the UX better rather than taking other factors like visuals into consideration. To make sure you don’t get distracted try sketching your ideas on paper as many of them you can. This is an effective way of doing it.

Take the Road Not Taken

When Robert Frost came up with his poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ he wouldn’t have thought about it being relevant to UX designers. Well, it is. As UX designers, you are bound to be stuck at some point and this is where you can take inspiration from this poem. You have to think out of the box. Obviously, everyone tries to do that from the word go. However, when we design we start encircling around one particular idea, and then when it doesn’t work, we get frustrated. So, when that happens, think opposite of what you have done till now and you will see that there are several new avenues to explore.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful. Anyone from a great UX and UI design agency will back them to help you get better at UX designing. So, if you can incorporate them into your practice then you are certainly going to benefit from it. All the best!

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