Search Engine Optimization

SEO is constantly changing and marketers often have trouble trying to keep up with the latest updates. However, one thing that hasn’t changed, is the value of your buyer persona finding you through organic search.

Google is the gatekeeper to massive amounts of traffic and leads -- search engine optimization (SEO) opens the doors.

Quality content is the key factor in any good SEO strategy.

Google keeps updating its algorithm hundreds of times per year. It can be pretty overwhelming to keep up with all of these changes - and to know where to put the majority of your focus on.

The Ripple Effect:

50% of visitors are more likely to click a result if the brand appears multiple times in search engine results.

93% of all traffic comes from a search engine.

73% of the major organizations use a professional team to take care of their content requirements.

75% of users never click past the first page of search results.

Most users aren’t searching for simple terms - they’re searching for something very specific, in terms of keyword research and keyword optimization. These searches are what we call “long-tail keywords.” Your content needs to reflect this intent.

There is a difference between “SEO” and “What is SEO” or “How to optimize SEO.” The searches are different for each of these set of keywords. There is a different intent and goal and the user expects different content for each of these searches.

We, at 3 Minds Digital, have tremendous experience and knowledge when it comes to integrating SEO to improve your brand’s visibility and to help you reach out to a bigger audience - ORGANICALLY.

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