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Inspiring an eco-conscious industry, Gulf's AdBlue website, fosters a future where quality and environmental responsibility thrive.

Our Team

Head of Design
Siddharth Bajpai
Account Manager
Hiral Rathod
Lead UX Designer
Snehal Khandelwal
UX Designer
Shivam TiwariPraneeth Ravi
Senior UI Designer
Pravin Gawali
UI Designer
Rickma Mary
Interaction Designer
Bharat Dhimmar
Tech Lead
Anil Maurya
Narendra KulkarniVatsal Soni

The Problem Statement

As Gulf Oil pioneers India's first AdBlue website, the mission extends beyond educating on AdBlue benefits to promoting sustainability, emphasizing Gulf Oil's commitment to eco-friendly practices and driving positive awareness in India.

Gulf Oil

Our Strategy

Employed user-centered design and education-focused approach to engage diverse stakeholders, ensuring seamless experiences and positive leads on the pioneering Gulf Oil AdBlue website.

Gulf Oil

Immersive Heritage Experience

Delve into the art of storytelling as we showcase an interactive section that weaves the rich tapestry of Gulf Oil AdBlue's legacy. Discover how we made history relatable, forging a connection that resonates with the essence of the business.

Gulf Oil

Optimized for Every Screen

We explored the meticulous process of ensuring our Gulf Oil AdBlue website is seamlessly responsive across a spectrum of devices. From mobile screens to desktops, discover the strategic decisions and design considerations that went into creating a user experience that remains consistently optimal, regardless of the device.

Gulf Oil

Revolutionizing Learning

We strategically designed widgets to enlighten users about the positive impact of AdBlue on vehicles. From enhancing user engagement to simplifying complex information, discover how our UX approach transforms technical details into an interactive and accessible learning experience for diverse audience segments.

Gulf Oil

Typography & Visual Expression

The user experience is further enhanced by the choice of typography and implementation of the new color scheme, using the distinctive primary color as well as secondary colors to showcase the products adhering to the brand guidelines.

Gulf Oil

Iconography & UI Elements

We have incorporated user-friendly icons and UI elements, ensuring intuitive navigation, visual feedback, and aesthetic consistency. Responsiveness across devices and streamlined interactions optimized the user experience. These elements collectively enhance user satisfaction while maintaining brand identity.

Gulf Oil

User Engagement On Focus

Highlighting our commitment to user engagement, this section unveils the strategic integration of a quiz section. Explore how this interactive element not only enhances user interaction but also serves as a powerful tool for boosting product awareness in a captivating way.

Gulf Oil

Technology Used

In this website project, we combined HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a responsive design. Bootstrap streamlined layout, WordPress handled content, Google Maps API added location services, and Cloudinary optimized image delivery. The result: a sleek, dynamic, and high-performance website.

Gulf Oil

Our Solution

We devised a user-centric website integrating interactive tools, educational content, and intuitive navigation. This strategy bridged the digital gap for non-tech users, fostering engagement and generating positive leads. The design emphasized simplicity and clarity, ensuring an enriching experience for truck drivers, retailers, and stakeholders alike.

Gulf Oil


The Gulf Oil AdBlue website effectively addressed the diverse needs of its audience, achieving success through a user-centric approach, personalized journeys, and intuitive design.

The lead generation strategies resulted in a substantial increase in qualified leads, demonstrating the project's effectiveness. Ongoing user feedback and analytics will guide future optimizations, ensuring the website remains a dynamic and valuable tool in the automotive industry landscape.

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