The Curious Case of Logan Paul and KSI’s Drink


KSI Logan Paul are two of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world, and they’ve gained a ton of fame and attention through their online content.

Logan, who is far from being described as a fool, was born on April Fool’s Day in 1995. He is an American YouTuber, actor, and social media influencer. He’s famous for his hilarious vlogs and skits, and he’s also known for his crazy stunts, pranks, and challenges. Plus, he got his start on Vine, the social media app that’s no longer with us. Logan has more than 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which is pretty impressive, to say the least.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji (but everyone just calls him JJ), is a British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer. He’s gained a huge following by sharing FIFA gaming videos, hilarious commentary, and his own music and comedy sketches. JJ has over 24 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and he’s won all sorts of awards for his awesome content.

But, it’s worth mentioning that both Paul Logan and KSI are pretty controversial figures. They’ve had plenty of public feuds, and they even had a big boxing match against each other in 2018. Despite all the drama, though, they’ve managed to build massive followings and have become incredibly influential in the online entertainment world.

History of KSI Logan Paul

The feud between KSI Logan Paul began in 2017 when KSI called out Logan and his brother Jake for their controversial content and challenged them to a boxing match. The two brothers initially laughed off the challenge, but eventually, the idea gained traction, and a series of matches were scheduled.

The first match between KSI and Logan Paul took place in August 2018 at the Manchester Arena in the UK. The fight was a draw, and while KSI was declared the winner of the rematch, the fight was seen as controversial by some fans, who felt that the outcome was rigged in KSI’s favor.

The feud between the two YouTubers continued to escalate, with insults and taunts being traded back and forth on social media. In November 2019, Logan Paul announced that he would be stepping away from the boxing world, but later changed his mind and announced that he would be taking on KSI in a third fight.

However, the third fight was eventually canceled, and the feud between the two YouTubers seemed to die down. While the public thought that Logan Paul and KSI may never see eye to eye, it’s clear that their public sparring has brought them both significant attention and helped to boost their already massive followings.

How did they both curate Prime Energy Drink?

Paul Logan and KSI both have their energy drink brands, but they are not the same brand. Paul Logan’s energy drink is called “Maverick” and KSI’s energy drink is called “KSIOlajideBT Energy Drink.”

As for how they curated their respective energy drink brands, it’s safe to say that their massive social media followings played a significant role in the prime line. Both Logan and KSI have millions of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, which gives them a large audience to promote their products to.

Their issues in the past have also contributed to the marketing of the Prime line. After their falling out, their followers desperately wanted to see the YouTubers back together. Using that demand they introduced their drink which went viral as it was launched.

In addition to their social media presence, both Logan and KSI likely worked with a team of professionals to develop their energy drink Prime line’s formulas and create eye-catching packaging designs. They may have also partnered with beverage companies or manufacturers to produce and distribute their products.

It’s worth noting that launching an energy drink brand is no small feat, and both Logan and KSI have likely invested a lot of time, money, and effort into making their brands successful. However, their large online followings have undoubtedly helped to give their energy drinks a boost in popularity. The duo has denied using scarcity marketing as a tactic to increase sales, but the tight and short-handedness in stocks has driven the demand for the drink to another level. Images and videos of customers going crazy in stores to get their hands on it have been going viral. The irony is that the drink is to charge them, the people storming into stores for prime lines, with more energy than they already have.

Is the Drink Safe?

Although Prime Energy Drink has mentioned on its website that it is not recommended for children under 18, pregnant or nursing women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine, there are many concerns about its safety for consumption. Prime Energy Drink contains 200 mg of caffeine, which is almost double the amount in Red Bull or Monster.

This high caffeine content can be addictive and lead to insomnia, depression, irregular heart rates, and high blood pressure, according to a registered licensed dietician, Kellie Westercamp. Energy drink companies can sidestep regulations like caffeine limits because they are considered “dietary supplements,” while sports drinks like Gatorade have stricter regulations as they are categorized as “food.”

Prime Energy Drink has been banned in some schools in other countries because students were selling it on school premises. Although the Duval and St Johns County school districts report no issues with students bringing the drink on campus, some parents and students claim there is a “black market” with the drink being sold for three times its normal price.

Overall the entire marketing and planning strategies of Prime energy drink have been impressive and extremely impactful from the beginning. The success of Prime Energy’s marketing and planning strategies has been remarkable, despite being a seemingly straightforward energy drink. It highlights the importance of choosing the right packaging design agency to elevate your product and create an impact in the market.

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