Packaging Design

Packaging is an integral part of the shipping and fulfillment process as it protects your products from getting bumps and bruises or getting ruined by the environment. More importantly, is the first thing your customer sees when it shows up at their door or when they reach out to pick a product at the mall or supermarket. It’s the first-impression your brand creates in-person and it’s a big deal!

It takes about 7 seconds for a product to create a first impression on the average customer.

Packaging influence is subconscious.

Your product packaging represents your brand - the same as your employees, office, website and yourself. It represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.

Effective packaging helps a consumer to recognise the product easily and thus increases the chances of being picked up from the shelves.

The Ripple Effect:

Packaging is another chance for your brand to market the product long after it has been purchased.

52% of the online consumers have admitted to rebuying products if they are received in premium packaging.

90% of the consumers reuse product packaging after purchase.

There is a 30% increase in consumer interest when a business shows strong attention towards the way they package their products.

40% of the consumers share photos of packaging on social media if it looks interesting or fancy (expensive).

A thoughtful selection of material, texture, color, patterns and lettering is necessary to make the product a recognizable member of a brand as well as make people reach out for it and place it in their shopping cart. It gives your product the ability to create a memorable and shareable experience with the customer, setting you apart from your competitors.

The reason why people pick well designed packages as opposed to mediocre ones is because a good design gives the customer a luxurious, feel good experience. They will be even more eager to flaunt your product with their family, friends and acquaintances. This makes your product desirable and popular, leading to good sales.

We use design elements of your brand to create the right look for your product’s packaging to be in tune with the overall branding and the company logo. The idea is to integrate similar design elements to create a brand image that will in turn convert to brand recognition.

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