No Spamming with a Newsletter!

As a brand that has sufficient online presence, the presence of enough email IDs of past, present, and potential in your database is assumed to be there by default.
And as a smart marketer, you ought to exploit all your resources to their maximum potential.
So, if you used the client email IDs only for transactional purposes, it is time to create new material so that you can CC and BCC.

It’s time for newsletters!


  • They are an amazing marketing tool
  • They give out brand information in the form of “information” and not as “marketing spam”
  • They are for everyone unlike your campaigns
  • They express the fact that the humans behind the brand know the industry in and out

FUN FACT: They can later be used as blogs

Before making a newsletter and sending it to the email IDs in your database keep the following tips in mind.

1.1 Make a dedicated “call to action” box on your brand’s website where you ask for email IDs for signing up for a newsletter.
This will make sure to keep those who don’t want your newsletter to be away from it
1.2 Keep a clause of “By this, you agree to subscribe to our newsletter” in all the other online contracts your customers sign up for.
This will give you a signal that your current customers are also interested to know more about your other areas of expertise.

2. Attractive Subject. PERIOD.
Whatever is the content of your newsletter. Make sure that the subject is catchy. It is the only way to not be shifted to the spam folder. Avoid the cliche one like “All you need to know” and “7 tips to…” because these make your brand sound like just another brand with yet another marketing.

PRO TIP: Your database of email IDs is like platinum (precious than gold). Your potential customers have signed up for it and that means they are already interested in your service. Now, it is up to you how to keep them interested.

3. Just make sense.
Make sure that the information you give through the newsletter is useful to your audience in their daily lives. If it sounds like a spam email, your subscribers would not come back even if they are interested in your service. “A spam” designation is worst than any nightmare.

4. Make them feel privileged
For those who have subscribed to you, give them special offers and discounts on purchases. Use phrases like, “As a part of the XYZ family…”

5. Try organizing it in segments
You are sending a newsletter and not a blog. The very term newsletter implies the presence of a variety of news in the letter. Make it creative. There can be an offer section. A separate section for the latest trends in the industry. A new section every week where you talk about the new things that happen in your organization.

With this, we hope you have an idea of how you can begin a newsletter for your brand. Email us at [email protected] to discuss anything regarding this. Put the subject as “Newsletter”

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