Tools That Will Set Your Digital Content Practices Right

Developers all around the globe are developing tools that are free for use. These tools can take your digital marketing content to the next level and is taking the digital marketing industry by the storm in the current times.

In this article, we will tell you about four basic tools that will improve your accuracy whenever you perform your everyday tasks on the web.

But, before we delve deeper into it, we’d like you to know the reason for their existence. It is a thing of pride and competence for a developer who is able to develop a tool. The more tools he develops the better is his competency and accuracy. Apart from being a part of his portfolio, they also explain his ability to be able to contribute generously to the community he works in.

The following are the tools that will serve as a great aid in digital media marketing.


A writer always believes that his piece of content is a literary masterpiece. But, only when it gets shared the reality is out! Hold on there, we don’t mean to offend any of the writers out there. The point is, there is a difference between the kind the content which gets viral and the one which does not. This difference is the exact thing that matters in digital marketing. Thanks to Buzzsumo this problem is solved. All you need to do is, put in the major keywords of the topic of your content and this tool will give you a list of most shared blogs on the same keywords. So, now that you have the best content in front of you, won’t you be able to make the one which is the Godfather of them all?


Pro Tip: Use the tool to search the content and use the pattern of writing as an inspiration.

Make sure your content is absolutely free from plagiarism and this brings us to our next tool.

Plagiarism Checker by Text Royal

Your blogs, majorly, and even other pieces of content have to be plagiarism-free. PERIOD! Although there are many checkers that exist online (Google being the most default one), we recommend Plagiarism Checker by Text Royal because it is extremely simple to use. Moreover, it doesn’t have any hidden “premium features” without which the tool wouldn’t function. All you need to do is paste your content in the box, press “Check Plagiarism” and wait for the tool to work.

Text Royal


Synonyms to Google, right? Soovle solves in cracking Google and results of other search engines. effortlessly! It is one of the quickest and simplest free-tools to use and find out the exact terms and phrases people use to search online. Suppose, your keyword is “digital marketing.” Soovle will give you a list of all the searches related to the term. You will not be able to stop yourself and thank the developer of this tool when you will see the results. It just takes a second for it to work.



The thing about hashtags used as a piece of content in social media is that it is widely misused. The biggest reason being, people create their own hashtags and just forget the ones that exist popularly. The entire reason behind using hashtags is using the right ones by associating your piece of content with the trending ones. Hashtagify.me serves as a reality check by giving you a list of hashtags associated with your major keyword.


Let us know if you have a list of your favorite tools. Let’s contribute to the community just like the developers of these tools in all the ways we can!

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