Marketing During COVID-19 – An Unprecedented Challenge

The world has come to a standstill. Even the city that never sleeps can’t get rid of tiredness and people on beds. The world is struggling to survive, to stand on its feet. Everything has been hit hard by one of the greatest crisis since the second world war. From retail and wholesale businesses to huge organizations, from equity to debt funds, the market is facing an unprecedented challenge. When there is such an impact on the businesses, on the whole, it’s obvious that marketing will also be affected. 

It is going to be equally challenging for marketers to ensure that brands don’t get affected in the long run. The rate at which this pandemic is spreading it’s certain that everything such as brand positioning, brand architecture, brand building, and brand naming, etc., will have to be taken care of with a more meticulous approach. You can’t be sure that your old marketing strategies will work even now. COVID-19 has not just changed the market but also have dented its progress for at least a couple of years.

Now, the question arises, in such an uncertain market state where things are more volatile than ever, what should a marketer do to keep growing? 

Well, that’s a million-dollar question with a very complicated answer because it’s extremely difficult to come with a full proof strategy in such a situation. However, with the help of some experienced brand consultants, this write can solve some of your issues. Have a look:

Be Aggressive and take Risks

When everything is slowing down, this is your time to be aggressive in your approach. Work harder than you did before as making things happen in the time when the whole world is going under lockdown is going to be difficult. So, make up your mind and keep yourself ready for any situation that you might come across. There will many stocks that might tumble and this is a great time to buy them as you might not get the chance to do so after this ends. You might not benefit from it right now however this would be a great investment in the long run.

Be Flexible and Ready to Pivot

You already understand that the market is volatile at the moment and you can’t be sure of your marketing campaigns. You should be flexible and capable of making quick-turn campaigns so that you don’t get overly impacted by this slowdown in the market. However, you should also ensure that everything that you have in the pipeline should also be taken care of and not ignored. You should prioritize them and then decide on your next course of action. If you have a project that is almost ready to be launched then you should go ahead with it. After that, you can move on with the new campaigns that you need to begin.

Don’t Do Anything With the Intention Exploiting this Situation 

When the whole world is grieving and screaming due to COVID-19, if your intention is to make quick bucks by exploiting this situation then it’s entirely unethical. Instead, your aim should be to ensure that you stand your ground and survive without being an opportunist. There is a very fine line between them. Keep everyone around you informed about the situation and try to help the world come out of it with your contribution.

These are some small measures you can take right now to ensure so that you don’t get impacted hugely by COVID-19. Taking guidance from a renowned brand identity agency about the steps you should take to maintain your brand’s value is not a bad idea. You can also consider hiring a brand consultant now as you might not find it easy to deal with this difficult situation. 

Hopefully, this all passes quickly and we get our world in the state that we are used to – up and running. As for your marketing, these steps would prove to beneficial for sure and you will be able to survive this storm. All the best!

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