How To Crack A Client Pitch?

“What should a pitch have that is good enough to get a client onboard?” A question that we never stop analyzing. Generally, the idea of a pitch begins from the introduction and ends at a conclusion. It is correct that they are essential, but the elements in between are also primary as they will help you crack any pitch that you go for. And we have looked very closely onto all of them which helped us cracked one of our very crucial pitches. Here is the insight on one of our UI/UX pitches for a client from Finance domain :

  1. UX Report
     ‘Know your clients’ is a mantra we follow for all of our pitches. The very first step after we receive a briefing from our client, we head on to their website to know how the company has been functioning so far. It gives us clarity about how we can take the entire pitch forward as we can scrutinize their on-going work and the scope of improvements or transformations. We had the same agenda for this client and that helped us to analyze the problems they are currently facing and what could be our input to resolve the same.
    After navigating their website/web application/mobile application and studying their on-going UI/UX design flows, it was comprehensible to us that how can we form the entire pitch and make the client realize our clarity on the service that we will be providing them. To present all of our analysis, we prepared a thorough UX report which highlighted problems in the current user-flows and how do we plan to instigate a solution for the same.
  2. Internal Discussion
    Sometimes the answer to the hardest question lies in plain sight. And we are fortunate to have found the answer to our question amongst ourselves. Every pitch we work on, we are always open to suggestions and that very criterion helped us crack this pitch. Since our client here was from the fin-tech sector, we decided to approach our internal team members and ask about their knowledge on the same. Financial management is very subjective and it differs from person to person. Exchange of information and experiences led us to a bigger ground where we were aware of financial markets in general and people’s opinion about the same.
  3. Identifying Target Audience
    Formulating and delivering the message majorly depends on what the target audience wants. We did a broad study on the same and narrowed down our audience into two categories – new and existing. Now that we had an idea about our audience, it was easy to convey our plan of action in the pitch. We decided to break down our UI/UX Designs suitable for both the categories of the audience and focus on customer acquisition and retention.
  4. Content
    Content is the key to communication and significantly helps in the generation of leads as well as conversions. We coordinated with our content team and explained to them every element of our research and how do we plan to proceed with it. They built content around the same which again focused on the target audience. Since we had two different sets of it, the content was formulated accordingly. Our content team followed the protocol of putting themselves in the shoes of the audience which helped them think in that direction.
  5. Elaboration
    After everything was in place, we made sure to elaborate every design and element with logic and reasoning. It was crucial for us to state the story behind the entire process of research, strategies and campaigns. Explaining the details and answering the questions of what, why, how, enabled us to exhibit better clarity in the pitch. This helped us a lot in delivering our intended motto behind every concept that we were presenting.

    We have had the privilege of coming across many varied businesses and with every client on board, we have experienced a journey we will always cherish and learn from. Even with all the diversity, the above elements are the ones which we think have remained common most of the times and have definitely helped us to crack our pitch.

Neelima Patel

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Neelima Patel

At the risk of sounding cliche, I would still commit that it's fascinating how words on digital platforms can turn things around on so many levels. The digital world is taken by storm each day with something new. I am glad that as a content writer I get to contribute to it to some extent.

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