Common Mistakes During UI Design

For businesses to excel today, it is very important that they possess a strong presence online including a good Social Media presence as well as a Website presence. But that’s not enough. Businesses also need to make sure that they possess a strong User Interface on their website which properly communicates their brand objectives, offerings and all the necessary elements needed to take a business forward where our UI Design Agency can help you.

Why is UI important?

Whenever a user visits a website, a user interface is the main point of contact between the company/brand and the user. That is the sole reason why your UI needs to be strong and easy to understand. A website’s UI should not just communicate the offerings of the website but should provide a good basis to encourage a user to interact with your brand.

What is a good UI?

A great User Interface means that the customer journey on the website is smooth with no obstacles. It means all the functions on the website are properly laid out in groups, the text is readable and the layout is clean with a proper proportion of Positive as well as Negative space.

However, a lot of websites struggle with displaying minimal information on the website and end up putting lengths of text and pictures thus leading to a lot of frustration and confusion amongst the users. It also increases the dropout rate of the user thus driving away traffic.

Apart from these, there are other mistakes made during UI design which further impact the users and lead them to exit your site for another. These include

1.Too many clickable links/CTAs :

Too many clickable links

If your website has too many clickable links, it might confuse the user as to where to click next and thus lead to a poor UI. This might also decrease the chances of the user reaching the actual ‘Call to Action’ page such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Proceed to Checkout’ as the user would be bombarded with loads of other clickable links.

Hence, it is very important for UI Design Agency to be well aware of the steps that they need the user to take and thus make UI prototypes.

2. Poor Colour choices :

Poor Colour choices

A lot of the times, UI Designers make poor choices with regard to the colours of the UI Prototypes. When designing an ideal UI, it is important to use the right colours while adding the brand colours in moderation and follow the basic rules to make the website look apt.

Another thing to be considered is to understand the necessities and requirements of the Target Audiences using the website/app and to come up with solutions to make the website journey easy for the users. That’s why it is important to use contrasting colours involving the brand colours or the colours the particular Target Audiences identifies with.

For Eg: If your website is meant for teenagers, it would be ideal to incorporate newer fonts and brighter colours in order to attract their attention to your products/services.

 3. Text Clutter :

Text Clutter

It is very important for websites to keep their content short and to avoid using long paragraphs of text to explain their products or services. Text overload on a website makes the user get frustrated and can even make him/her leave for another one.

Hence it is very important for websites to incorporate different text sizes in order to put the information to the users in a way that is easily understandable.

For eg: UI Designers can come up with 3 different types of heading with different text sizes. The most important information that needs to be conveyed to the user will be of bigger text size and the least important information will be of the smallest size. In this way, the user will end up reading the most important information easily and the least important information can be read if he wants to more about the particular topic.

4. Too many references used :

Too many references used

Many a time when designing user interfaces, UI designers refer to certain previously made websites to derive some inspiration from them. Here, it is very important for them to make their UI look like it’s a part of the bigger picture. That’s why referring to multiple websites only leads to a lack of cohesion.

That’s why it is very important for designers to explore different User-interfaces and the various different ways of putting the same information forward. However, they shouldn’t incorporate all the different techniques as it will only lead the website to become overly complicated and would lack its own USP.

That’s why, it is very important for UI Design Agency to know the company they are designing the interfaces for, study their Target Audiences and their tastes, come up with a list of prototypes exploring various techniques to do the same thing and then go ahead with the one which would be easily understood by the user. This whole process might be lengthy but the proper study of the above factors will definitely lead the users to come across an efficient website! We hope you have a great time designing interfaces users are looking out for! Best of luck.

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