Brand Positioning – Setting Your Brand Apart

Suppose that you go for your monthly grocery shopping, on what basis do you put the products quickly in your basket? Do you just put any product of any brand? No, right? For every requirement, you have a certain brand in your mind whose product you believe is best for you. 

Isn’t that so?

It’s exactly that and not just for you but for almost everyone. You prefer a certain brand over others as you have their image inscribed in your minds. So, how does a brand achieve this? How can you build your brand’s image in your target audience’s mind?

The process through which it is achieved is known as 

 and it’s extremely crucial for a brand to be successful. 


Let’s elaborate on a few benefits of brand positioning and that might answer your question. Have a look:

It Helps You Stand Apart.

The most fundamental benefit of brand positioning is that it sets your products apart. Your brand’s qualities and the values that you represent don’t get diluted with others in the market. It keeps your services unique and that helps you occupy a place in the market.

It Offers You Ammunition to Compete.

There is a race going on in the market and to survive it, you need to compete with other participants. Brand positioning helps you with the same. Without that, you are just a nobody competing for nothing. Brand positioning provides you with an identity to fight for your spot in people’s minds.

It Provides You a Set Platform to Connect to People.

Brand positioning also helps you develop a relationship with your target audience. Everyone is trying to book customers due to which there is too much noise and it’s difficult to break through it and reach your potential consumers. Brand positioning allows you to cut through that clutter and helps you connect steps to the people efficiently.

Now that you have a fair idea of how brand positioning can help you, let’s understand how you can develop a brand positioning strategy for your business. 

Know Where You Stand as a Brand

The first step towards developing a strategy for brand positioning is that you must know where you stand in the market. Without proper knowledge of your current standing, you won’t be able to make clear decisions. To do this, consider your target audience and filter them. Now, research about what they need. Once you are done, try to understand whether your product meets their requirements. Now, based on that, devise your plan of brand positioning.

Know Your Competition

Once you have understood your positioning in the market, it’s time to know the same about your competitors. First of all, search all your rivals and then collect information about their positioning among people. Doing this will help you sketch a clear picture of who you are going to come across and what you should expect from them. So, try to get as much data about your competitors in the market before moving on to the next step.

Know What Sets You Apart

Now that you have a clear understanding of your competition and your positioning in the market, it’s time to gauge the qualities that make your product unique. This will allow you to emphasize your strengths so that you can offer the audience a reason to buy from you. Knowing your brand’s specialties will help you promote them better.

Get the Word Out

The final step is to announce your arrival through a brand positioning statement. It’s nothing more than a few word declaration of your brand’s values and qualities that differentiates you from your competitors. Keep monitoring the impact that your positioning statement is having and based on the results try improvising it regularly.

If you take the aforementioned steps into consideration, you will surely be able to develop an effective brand positioning strategy. You can also take help from a brand positioning agency for better results. 

Brand positioning can be extremely beneficial if you can use it to its full potential. So, invest your time and effort in it to take your brand at the apex of the market. All the best!

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