India’s top Influencers get Scammed!
By 3Minds Digital   |   April 19, 2023   |    Office Tales

The rise of online scams and financial fraud has been a growing concern in recent years. As more and more transactions move online, it has…

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The Curious Case of Logan Paul and KSI’s Drink
By 3Minds Digital   |   April 10, 2023   |    Office Tales

Introduction KSI Logan Paul are two of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world, and they've gained a ton of fame and attention through…

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Is your phone listening to you all the time?
By 3Minds Digital   |   April 3, 2023   |    Office Tales

Shh...someone is listening to you. Do you know who it is? It is your PHONE! In recent years, there has been growing concern and speculation…

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How VFX is revolutionizing the Indian Cinema on a global scale
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 27, 2023   |    Office Tales

Indian cinema has a rich and diverse history, spanning over a century of transformation and evolution. From the first Lumiere Brothers' screening at the Watson…

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From Burnout to Breakthrough: How to improve Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 20, 2023   |    Office Tales

Ah, work-life balance. That elusive state of being that everyone talks about but few seem to achieve. As an entrepreneur, you probably have a lot…

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Transform Your Online Presence: Our Top-Tier Digital Marketing Service
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 15, 2023   |    Office Tales

Every business finds it challenging to adapt to the quickly changing digital landscape.  Despite these remarkable and unanticipated hurdles, the digital environment continues to be…

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Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace: Best Practices for Business
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 6, 2023   |    Office Tales

Imagine you're hiring for a new position in your company. Your aunt's daughter has just graduated with top honours, and she's eager to join your…

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Top AI tools and their impact on Business
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 4, 2023   |    Office Tales

Are machines taking over the world? Not quite, and even if they are, that should not be your concern. You should be thinking if you…

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Understanding the Role of Data Analytics in Modern Advertising
By 3Minds Digital   |   March 3, 2023   |    Office Tales

Data analytics has become an indispensable tool for modern advertising, allowing companies to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences to create more effective and…

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Defining your Brand’s DNA: Importance of having the Best Brand Guidelines.
By 3Minds Digital   |   February 28, 2023   |    Office Tales

When you think of a successful brand, what comes to mind? Perhaps it's the iconic logo, the memorable tagline, or the consistent messaging across all…

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