As an Entrepreneur, I was bound to face struggles…

I was in an elevator standing amidst a group of 5 men, all decked up in suits and boots. My 25 y/o self, dressed up all casual, reminded me of the time when I made the decision of detaching myself from the standard pattern of businesses and come up with my own startup. It has been over a couple of years since we started, but today, my being in the elevator reminded me of all the ups and downs we have really gone through.

There’s always a point where you catch yourself in a position where you are questioning yourself, questioning your direction; I have had my own share of experiences along the course of this journey. Today, I reminiscent of the time when 3MD wasn’t possible in the best of shape. We were losing team members, clients, our account balance was close to NIL and it wasn’t easy to deal with these unpleasant changes. I questioned my abilities and I wondered if I made the correct choices? My heart didn’t feel like giving up just yet, I had sleepless nights and my dreams were on the verge of crashing down but I couldn’t stop, because it just didn’t feel right. Me and Moulik, my co-founder, decided to do something to fix the situation while we still had the opportunity. If a building can be made on one pillar, we were still two strong pillars, highly driven by motivation.

We started again from scratch, with the rest of the team having our back and here we are today, standing strong, moving forward with the highest level of motivation and a team strength of over 50+. From holding myself strong while my entrepreneurship was at stake, to standing between these corporate employees in the lift today; I am still the same, this has been a journey full of experiences with zero regrets.

Today, when I look back at the stressful times, I feel proud, for not giving up, even though at that time it felt like it was nearly impossible to sustain. There’s nothing better than the calm after the storm, knowing that it’s past us and we have survived this difficult time.

Keeping regrets don’t do any good and we have definitely made mistakes but we made sure that we owned up to them. Ownership is crucial in times like these. You can’t always find people and situations to blame since that will only stall the process for improvement. This roller coaster experience has made me believe that; all one needs is a little bit of motivation and support to keep dreams alive and sleep alright.

Harnish Shah

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Harnish Shah

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