7 Reasons Why People Use Voice Search

As voice search assistants such as Google, Alexa, and Siri keep improving their performance in terms of the quality of answers, natural language processing, and conversational ability, the search volume that voice assistants are processing is steadily growing every day. This fast pace of adoption is further propelled by their deep integration with an entire ecosystem of smart home devices that can practically put the control of your entire house at your command.

In this blog, we will see some statistics and detailed reasons why voice search is growing every day, which consequently is propelling an entirely new field for digital marketeers into existence: Voice Search SEO.

Reports show that:
41% of adults and 55% of teenagers use voice-based searches every day. (Source) That is an incredible level of penetration for a service that is only a few years old.
20% of all mobile queries on Google are voice searches. (Source)
65% of Google Home or Amazon Echo owners “Can’t imagine going back” (Source)

The following are seven reasons that attempt to illustrate why Voice Search has become irresistible to people all around the world:

Searching is faster by voice:
Searching by voice is 3.7 times faster than typing which makes it the most convenient method to search for specific questions or queries that one may have. For example, it is much easier to ask Google: “What is the average mileage you get on a Tesla Cybertruck on a single charge” than to type it out.

Voice search is hands-free:
The biggest convenience of voice search is that you don’t need to touch your device. You may be cooking, or driving, or occupied with something else, and all you have to do is ask your phone to make a note or find an answer for it to accomplish the task for you without physically engaging with your device.

Voice search makes you feel like you are talking to another person:
Voice search feels easier than searching for the same phrases online because it’s more conversational in nature and makes one feel like they are talking to another person. Especially now with Google’s Duplex technology which can actually call and book appointments for you.

With voice search, you can even ask to follow up questions and the search engine will automatically understand the context and respond appropriately. This type of language processing is known as “Natural Language Processing”, and it interprets language as you say it as opposed to having a standard set of keywords or a standard style of input.

Voice search gives concise answers:
Voice search gives short & crisp answers that directly address your question. You don’t have to open four different pages and scroll for five minutes before you find an answer that you were looking for.

Voice search is interesting to use:
Voice search is incredibly fun and convenient to use along with being a fascinating factor for people. The entertainment segment is strong on voice search with easy availability of several podcasts and news shows as well as a variety of fun games and easter eggs that you can explore through your voice. Amazon’s Alexa is filled with such several entertaining and family-oriented games and shows.

Voice search helps you to automate your life:
The aforementioned were all valid points, but by far the most consequential point is the practical usefulness of being able to use your voice to control several things. For example, You can ask your voice assistant to change the thermostat temperature, open the garage, wake the Roomba, play some music, call your mom, navigate to your home, and so much more.

Voice search is easier to use:
If you have children or elders in the house who are either too young or old to understand a smartphone or are otherwise unable to use one, a voice assistant can help them to find answers with ease to their questions as well – just by using their voice!

In Conclusion,
Voice search is being used more and more by people all around the world because of the range of benefits it offers over the standard search function including being faster, hands-free, and easier to use. Voice search’s quick adoption has spawned a whole new arena for digital marketers to work on i.e. Voice SEO, and it seems like voice search is going to evolve and gain more popularity in the coming months and years.

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