Google Voice Search : Everything You Need To Know

Google Voice Search, also known as Search by Voice, allows people to use Google Search by speaking the string of words you want to type in the search box on your mobile or computer. The device then recognises the speech, converts it into text and runs a search, thus giving you results, conveniently.

Around 20% of all queries on Android devices via the Google’s mobile app are voice searches, as revealed at the May 2017 convention by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

Google has announced that the app will support more Indian languages. They have already added eight more languages – Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Urdu and Tamil, to the list.

Voice Search vs. Text Search

The major difference one will realise between the text search and the voice search, is the accuracy of the results that the user receives upon entering the search query. While the text search is incredibly amazing at giving you results, the voice search not only understands the keywords, but also the search intent of the user. It is thus able to provide them with more perceptive results. Text search are prone to finding many unrelated links that are irrelevant to the user requirements. Hence, Voice Search trumps over Text Search in this domain.

Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Voice and image searches are predicted to contribute to more than half of all searches by the year 2020, as per Mary Meeker. It would be advisable for companies to adapt their websites to this shift from text to voice searches, to increase their visibility and be more SEO optimized.

Better experience pulls in more users. In the end, convenience makes all the  difference.

The optimization for voice search would require different tactics that those used for traditional SEO. One will need to have some insight into the queries to help provide a better experience for the users who are using the voice search feature.


Here are some reasons why Voice Search could impact your SEO:

  1. Featured Snippets get more visibility:
    featured snippets

When Google Home answers a question with information that it found on the web, it always cites the name of the source by saying the name of the website and sending the link to the user’s app. You could help your snippet surface as search results by understanding how the voice search queries, to give your website better visibility by being picked up as a desired search result.  

  1. Meeting consumer demand more effectively:

 query intentThere are significant differences between the behavior that will affect how the owner of the website would optimize a page for voice and text search.

Google has revealed that voice searches are 30 times more likely to be action queries that that of typed searches. Marketers could use this knowledge to optimise the way they market their product.

With appropriate optimization, the website will appear in voice searches, which are more likely to convert.


Voice Search Optimization Tips

a. Claim your Google My Business listing
google my business

Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing to provide Google with all the details of your business such as industry, contact number, office address, office timings and any additional details you want to add. An updated Google My Business increases the chances of ones website from appearing when a relevant voice search is made.


b. Create an FAQ Page


An FAQ page on your website will make it easier for your audience to find answers to questions without having to contact customer care. It also adds additional searchable content for SEO optimization.



c. Scannable Content 

Content ScannableMobile users need websites that are optimised for their devices. Your content should be easily readable and more importantly scannable.

Having annoying pop ups could hinder your users from obtaining the desired information from your website, giving them a bad user experience. Clean, scannable texts helps optimise your page to searches.



d.Integrate Conversational keywords

Conversational keywords

Stuffed keywords are extremely unappealing. Using keywords in a conversational manner which mimics how real people talk and ask verbal questions will help you appear in more appropriate searches.

Document the keywords and words used in conversations you have with customers who enquire about your services on phone calls.




e.Enhance the Website Speed

 Website Speed

The fact that most searches happen from people on the go makes it important to ensure your website renders well and quickly. Do a page load test to see if your website is loading fast across all browsers and devices.




Fast loading websites are always preferred over attractive but slow loading websites. People want information, and they want it NOW!

With nearly 60% of the searches performed on a mobile device, people often find it easier to use voice search, especially while performing other activities, i.e. multitasking. Voice Search Engine Optimization could guide you to the popularity of your website and could help you convert a lot of potential clients, if utilized well.

Do let us know how you have incorporated Voice search optimization on your website in the comments section given below.

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