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Social Media Graphic Design

Envision brand expansion through our Social Media Graphics. We craft compelling visuals that magnetize your audience, propelling your business growth.

Enhance your brand's online presence with our specialized B2B Social Media Graphic Design services, a sub-service within our Creative Design Solution suite. At 3 Minds Digital, we understand the pivotal role that striking visuals play in capturing your online audience's attention. Our team of experienced graphic designers collaborates closely with you to craft graphics tailored for your social media channels.

Our B2B Social Media Graphic Design services encompass the creation of visually captivating graphics for social media posts that seamlessly align with your corporate identity. We recognize the importance of engaging your audience through eye-catching visuals that convey your brand's message effectively.

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Times OOH

Times OOH is an established outdoor advertising brand since 2005. It has emerged as the leader in the Indian outdoor advertising industry.


Ultratech Cement

We crafted 100+ festive flyers and WhatsApp creatives for Ultratech, India's top Cement Brand, enhancing its partnerships and showcasing its commitment to quality and innovation.


Aarti industries

We produced 150+ creatives and brand videos for Aarti Industries Limited, showcasing their commitment to safety, green chemistry, and core values, with a focus on CSR initiatives.


VIP Industries

Founded in 1968, VIP Industries Ltd. is a global leader in luggage, backpacks, and handbags. VIP dominates India's organized luggage market and exports products to 45+ countries worldwide.


Asmita Realty

We've concentrated on designing a cutting-edge, user-centric website, establishing a new benchmark for the Asmita Realty experience with effortless browsing, improved property exploration, and tailored preferences.


Mumbai City FC

We redesigned the crest for one of Asia's most successful football teams, which was unveiled by Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor.


Sony YAY

We've boosted festival awareness and engagement through targeted social media campaigns, exclusive offers, and influencer collaborations. Direct social media communication that enhanced customer satisfaction.



We've crafted an innovative platform that redefines Assurekit's role in the insurance technology arena with a user-friendly experience to streamline operations and boost user engagement.


Spartan Poker

Content for homepage: We've focused on crafting a sleek, mobile-first approach website, setting a new standard for elite poker experiences with intuitive navigation, enhanced gameplay, and personalized customization.


Money Rabbit

Money Rabbit is one of the top leading mobile applications which focuses to improve the Credit history of under privileged segment like Direct Sales Agents, Domestic Help, Students, etc, who doesn’t hold a strong savings account, still can avail the credit benefits without any collaterals.



3MD helped design about 95% of everything you see on Zee5, one of the most watched OTT platforms in India.



Mumbai City FC Partnership: Transforming Brand Identity and Association. We embarked on a thrilling journey with MCFC, beginning with their Association/Sponsorship deck and extending to a complete brand identity overhaul. Our passionate team, led by our founder, eagerly embraced this opportunity, bringing forth a remarkable partnership with Mumbai City Football Club.



A successful, long-term collaboration between 3MD and Xiaomi, resulting in the creation of 5000+ themes in just 12 months. With growing demand for personalized themes, a challenge arose: to create high-quality, creative, and unique themes to meet user expectations.


Reliance JIO

For Reliance Jio's innovative product, Jio Gate, we were tasked with creating a presentation/publication that not only highlighted the product's benefits but also presented data in an easily understandable and visually appealing manner. Beyond crafting a typical presentation, our challenge was to simplify complex data points. We leveraged Jio's brand language and philosophy to deliver an aesthetic deck that not only piqued curiosity but also effectively showcased intricate details, ensuring a compelling and informative final outcome.



CNBC collaborated with 3 Minds Digital to craft a series of novel publications, totaling nearly 300 novels annually. The cover design featured here is the first in the series, meticulously illustrated to align with the book's core concept. Each chapter showcased a unique character, hand-drawn and subsequently digitized, set against a vibrant color palette and a contrasting dark background to enhance visual impact.



We were responsible for the UI/UX design and development for Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd, a pioneering helmet manufacturer headquartered in Belgaum, India. Established in 1982 as the flagship entity of the Vega Group of Companies and led by the Chandak family, Vega has risen to prominence as a top helmet manufacturer in India. Our work encompassed UI/UX design and development, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly digital experience for their brand.


Assurekit Insurance

Assurekit Transformation: Our client's cloud-based insurance platform received a user-centric revamp, enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversions. The redesign showcases our expertise in optimizing user experiences for increased brand visibility and success.


Tru Falafel

True Falafel: Fusing Authentic Middle Eastern Flavors with Indian Palates. Our approach centered on maintaining brand authenticity, utilizing Tru Falafel's established color scheme and design language. This visual transformation enhanced the Middle Eastern culinary experience for Indian food enthusiasts.

Benefits ofSocial Media Graphic Design

Our collaborative, multidisciplinary teams ensure you gain comprehensive and transformative solutions.

Brand Awareness

Visually represent your brand, effectively increasing awareness and recognition among your audience.

Focused Targeting

Connect with specific audience segments, enhancing your message's impact and resonance.

Insights Gathering

Enable data collection and audience feedback, offering valuable insights to refine your strategies.

Customer Loyalty

Consistent, visually engaging content strengthens relationships, fostering trust and loyalty.

Attention Span

Eye-catching graphics grab attention, extending the time your audience engages with your content.

Sales Boost

Well-crafted graphics spark interest, driving audience action, and ultimately increasing sales and revenue.

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Jeevant Sarma, Jockey

One of the best teams I've worked with. Amazing designs, amazing work ethic and exceptional energy. If you're looking to revamp your digital presence or build a fresh brand, look no further 3 Minds Digital is the place to go to.


Supreet Singh, Gulf Oil

To the extraordinary 3MD team, your skillful commitment and dedication are evident in every pixel. Your unwavering pursuit of excellence promises a bright future. Embrace the journey, learn from setbacks, and build upon strengths to soar to greater heights. Success is within reach, keep shining!


Gauri Bhagwat, Asus

We collaborated with 3 Minds Digital for revamping our website and I must say the team exhibited a level of professionalism throughout the journey. Special thanks to Pratibha from 3MD who actively passed our feedback to the team and ensured the final product aligned with our vision. Look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.


Lovekesh Sharma, Ultratech Cements

I had the pleasure of working with 3 Minds Digital Ltd. For recent projects, and I must say they are good at their work. From start to finish, their team displayed exceptional creativity, professionalism, and a deep understanding of our brand vision.The level of dedication they put into our project is remarkable. They were always responsive, open to feedback, and kept us informed about the progress every step of the way. The team's attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work within our timeline was truly impressive. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch creative services. Their talented team, professionalism, and dedication to client satisfaction make them a standout choice.


Jishnu Kamakar, VIP

3Minds has been a great experience for me during my tenure at VIP Industries. The team is young and dynamic and comes up with great ideas. Wishing them more luck for more good work. Cheers !!!!!


Ninad Tipnis, JTCPL

We wanted to take a moment to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude for the remarkable effort and dedication the 3MD marketing team has displayed in designing and optimizing our website. Your exceptional work has played a significant role in enhancing our online presence and driving our business forward. I would like to commend the team on the visually stunning and user-friendly design of our website. Thank you once again for your tireless efforts and the immense value you have brought to our organization. I look forward to witnessing our future successes and collaborations.


Sumit Mohit, UPL

I have worked with 3Minds on Brand extension, new brand identity design, packaging etc and have been really happy with their work. Agility, creativity and efficient coordination makes them a good agency to partner with. These are bunch of brand enthusiasts who are also equally fun to work with.


Ameya Bawkar, Tata AIA

I have been working with 3MD for more than a year now on multiple projects. The team is extremely professional and you can vouch for on time delivery for tasks. UX projects require ideations and multiple iterations for the same task and the team has been very supportive to iterate till we achieve what we set out to do. Will surely recommend 3MD for UI/UX projects


Mohana Gupta, Money Rabbit

Our company has been working with 3MD since close to 1 year now. 3MD has evolved in a very positive way through the months with excellent hands on design and an absolutely fantastic team to address all of our needs and wants through various projects. We are beyond pleased with 3MD's impeccable service. They are extremely helpful in guiding us through the whole process. They are very knowledgeable. They pays close attention to details. They are also very patient in terms with our last minute tight timelines. We will continue our association with 3MD


Anshul Seli, Bajaj

I had availed web design & development services of 3 Minds Digital. It was a great experience working with them. They surely have some brilliant creative minds working at the backend who are ready to give out their best output.

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