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“Sony YAY! is where the magic of television meets kids' imagination! Indian TV channel crafted exclusively for kids, bursting with vibrant animations, interactive content, and thrilling adventures. Experience the excitement of The Giant Wheel Festival brought to you by Sony Yay! Join us for a kid's carnival packed with thrilling games, interactive activities, celebrity and toon meet-and-greets, amazing prizes, delicious food, and endless fun!”

Our Team

Social Media Manager
Sohini Shetti
Content Strategist
Aditi Rampure
Design Lead
Prashant Vishwakarma
Graphic Designer
Vishakha & Samruddhi
Motion Graphic Designer
Sony YAY


The Giant Wheel Festival offered an all-in-one hub of fun-filled activities, gaming zones, and a magical opportunity to meet beloved Sony YAY! toons and favorite celebrities. It created an extraordinary Happyverse, delighting both kids and their incredible parents with endless joy and excitement


The Giant Wheel Festival in Delhi NCR was a blast! It had tons of fun activities, games, and a chance to meet Sony YAY! characters and favorite celebrities. Everyone, kids and parents alike, had a blast in the Happy Verse filled with endless joy and excitement.

sony yay

Idea To Impact: Our Work


Times OOH

We don't just do OOH & DOOH, we do it all. Strategy, design, content - we've got you covered.


Ultratech Cement

Want to see how a marketing campaign can be festive, innovative, and good for business?


JTCPL designs

We built their website from scratch and seamlessly integrated it with our social media strategies, ensuring the brand spoke with one clear voice.



Our strategic approach dominated, with #AtalSetu trending on Twitter, reaching OVER 451,300 on social media and boosting followers by 20x IN JUST 48 HOURS!



From strategic planning to data-driven execution, our meticulous approach continues to create engagement across platforms



We weren't just there at the beginning, we were their beginning! Partnering with Kwart since their inception, we built the very foundation of their online presence.



We reimagined Mirchi's brand identity, crafting captivating YouTube movies and strategic social media campaigns that propelled their brand growth.


Sigma Immigration

We helped Sigma Immigration become the trusted voice in citizenship & residency by investment through strategic media campaigns.


Aarti industries

We made CSR initiatives go viral with 150+ thought-provoking creatives.


VIP Industries

Founded in 1968, VIP Industries Ltd. is a global leader in luggage, backpacks, and handbags. VIP dominates India's organized luggage market and exports products to 45+ countries worldwide.


Asmita Realty

Our user-centric website design empowers effortless browsing, in-depth exploration, and caters to individual needs. What else defines a successful agency partnership?


Arttdinox Kitchens

1,800+ Leads In A Year! We took a brand with no digital footprint and built a dynamic online experience that converts. That's the power of our strategy.


Mumbai City FC

Guess who designed the crest for one of Asia's most successful football teams?


Sony YAY

We've boosted festival awareness and engagement through targeted social media campaigns, exclusive offers, and influencer collaborations. Direct social media communication that enhanced customer satisfaction.



What if your insurance platform could be both user-friendly and operationally efficient? We built that for Assurekit.


Spartan Poker

We've dealt a winning hand in the world of elite poker experiences with our mobile-first website that sets the standard for intuitive navigation, enhanced gameplay, and personalized features


Money Rabbit

We made Money Rabbit the app that hops users towards financial freedom.



We helped Zee5 speak to every corner of India, in their language, on their platform.



Mumbai City FC Partnership: Transforming Brand Identity and Association. We embarked on a thrilling journey with MCFC, beginning with their Association/Sponsorship deck and extending to a complete brand identity overhaul. Our passionate team, led by our founder, eagerly embraced this opportunity, bringing forth a remarkable partnership with Mumbai City Football Club.



5,000+ Themes for Xiaomi in 12 Months! We opened a world of personalization, fueling user engagement and shaping the future of phone interfaces


Reliance JIO

For Reliance Jio's innovative product, Jio Gate, we were tasked with creating a presentation/publication that not only highlighted the product's benefits but also presented data in an easily understandable and visually appealing manner. Beyond crafting a typical presentation, our challenge was to simplify complex data points. We leveraged Jio's brand language and philosophy to deliver an aesthetic deck that not only piqued curiosity but also effectively showcased intricate details, ensuring a compelling and informative final outcome.



CNBC collaborated with 3 Minds Digital to craft a series of novel publications, totaling nearly 300 novels annually. The cover design featured here is the first in the series, meticulously illustrated to align with the book's core concept. Each chapter showcased a unique character, hand-drawn and subsequently digitized, set against a vibrant color palette and a contrasting dark background to enhance visual impact.



We were responsible for the UI/UX design and development for Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd, a pioneering helmet manufacturer headquartered in Belgaum, India. Established in 1982 as the flagship entity of the Vega Group of Companies and led by the Chandak family, Vega has risen to prominence as a top helmet manufacturer in India. Our work encompassed UI/UX design and development, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly digital experience for their brand.


Assurekit Insurance

Assurekit Transformation: Our client's cloud-based insurance platform received a user-centric revamp, enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversions. The redesign showcases our expertise in optimizing user experiences for increased brand visibility and success.


Tru Falafel

True Falafel: Fusing Authentic Middle Eastern Flavors with Indian Palates. Our approach centered on maintaining brand authenticity, utilizing Tru Falafel's established color scheme and design language. This visual transformation enhanced the Middle Eastern culinary experience for Indian food enthusiasts.