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Diversifying Dreams, Uniting Visions!

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We've designed a sleek, mobile-first website, setting new standards for presenting Pittie Group with intuitive navigation and personalized experiences.

Our Team

Head of Design
Siddharth Bajpai
Account Manager
Pratibha Mishra
Project Lead UX
Shivam Tiwari
Project Lead UI
Toral Mistry
UX Designer
Pavitrakumar Panigrahi
UI Designer
Rickma Mary

The Problem Statement

Within the dynamic landscape of the Pittie Group, a challenge emerged. Each business sector demanded a unique digital presence, yet cohesion was essential to reflecting the Group's identity. Users needed seamless navigation to discover the array of offerings.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

In response, our team formulated a holistic strategy. We embarked on a voyage of understanding, researching, and innovating. Our approach revolved around creating an overarching user experience that was not only distinct but also coherent, reflecting Pittie Group's commitment to research, innovation, and collaboration.

Optimized for Every Screen

Optimized for Every Screen

Recognizing the multi-sector nature of Pittie Group, it was vital to optimize the user experience across various screens. This responsive design ensured a consistent, accessible, and engaging journey for users across realty, consumer products, media, and logistics.

Our commitment to accessibility and usability shines through as we break down the challenges and triumphs of crafting a website that adapts fluidly to diverse user contexts.

Optimized for Every Screen

Typography & Visual Expression

Our design choices paid meticulous attention to typography and visual elements. The visual identity we crafted harmonized with Pittie Group's multifaceted identity, reflecting the diversity and innovation at its core.

Typography & Visual Expression

Technology Used

We utilized HTML and CSS for structuring and styling the project's web pages, ensuring a clean and responsive design. jQuery enhanced interactivity, while WordPress provided a robust content management system. Bootstrap v5.2 was instrumental in creating a mobile-first, responsive layout. Finally, the Google Maps API was integrated to provide dynamic, location-based features, enriching the user experience with interactive maps. These technologies collectively ensured seamless and functional project delivery.

Our Solution

The outcome was a digital ecosystem that celebrated Pittie Group's diverse business landscape. Users can seamlessly transition between realty, consumer products, media, and logistics, all while experiencing a consistent and engaging user journey.


The results speak for themselves. User engagement surged, and the boundaries between business sectors blurred into a unified digital experience. Pittie Group's commitment to exploration, innovation, and collaboration has been digitally showcased, paving the way for continued growth and opportunity.

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