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Mumbai City FC

Sports Club

Rebranding for one of India's largest football clubs.

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Our Team

Mumbai City Football Club
Art Director
Chinmay Gandhi
Sr. Brand Designer
Amit Singhania

The Grand Reveal!

Actor and co-owner Ranbir Kapoor unveiled the redesigned identity of MCFC at an event hosted at the St. Regis, Mumbai.

The grand reveal!

Introducing the New Identity

Transforming the image of an established sports club, particularly one cherished by its fans, presents a formidable task. Our objective was to cultivate a fresh identity that not only garners fan approval but also preserves the essence of the original.

The new Identity

Visual Language

We crafted a comprehensive system of visual elements, principles, and guidelines tailored to the club and its core values. This encompassed aspects such as colour schemes, typography, imagery, and layout, all contributing to a unified and purposeful visual journey.

Typography & Colours

We introduced two new typefaces, Bakbak One and Gotham, for primary and secondary usage, while retaining the colour palette from before.


The updated identity provided an opportunity to create bespoke icons that blend with the new brand identity and visual language.


Visual Application

We applied the visual language in real-world scenarios, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to fulfil its intended purpose effectively.

Identity Reveal 3D Video

For the launch event, we crafted a 3D video that unveiled the new identity. This video guides viewers through the crucial factors and elements that inspired the creation of the MCFC logo.

Idea To Impact: Our Work


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