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“We want Asus ROG to be more than a brand – it should become a thriving gaming ecosystem, uniting gamers, fueling championships, and showcasing innovative products.”

Our Team

Head of Design
Siddharth Bajpai
Account Manager
Pratibha Mishra
Project Lead
Chhavi Bhatia
Senior UX Designer
Snehal Khandelwal
UI Designer
Bharat Dhimmar
Tech Lead
Anil Maurya
Siddhesh ChavanPuja Shinde

The Problem Statement

Our project involved overcoming significant challenges, including promoting Asus ROG gaming laptops, encouraging gamer participation in ROG championships, and ensuring responsive performance across different operating systems. We also prioritized inclusive design, a futuristic visual identity, and cross-device compatibility.

Addressing security concerns for gaming accounts and staying up-to-date with technology were critical. Benchmarking and adapting to regional gaming preferences were key factors in our project's success.

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Our Strategy

In Asus ROG's strategic planning phase, we focused on extensive research to understand the PC gaming industry and user preferences. We prioritized a user-friendly UI for ROG championships enrollment. UX research helped us design for gamers' needs and preferences, while visual design enhanced user engagement, striking a balance between aesthetics and usability. This approach led to increased user satisfaction and market success.


Optimized for Every Screen

We explored the meticulous process of ensuring our ASUS ROG website is seamlessly responsive across a spectrum of devices. From mobile screens to desktops, discover the strategic decisions and design considerations that went into creating a user experience that remains consistently optimal, regardless of the device.

Our commitment to accessibility and usability shines through as we break down the challenges and triumphs of crafting a website that adapts fluidly to diverse user contexts.

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Iconography & UI Elements

Our Spartan Poker website redesign incorporated user-friendly icons and UI elements, ensuring intuitive navigation, visual feedback, and aesthetic consistency. Responsiveness across devices and streamlined interactions optimized the user experience. These elements collectively enhance user satisfaction while maintaining brand identity.


Typography & Visual Expression

To categorize information and reinforce the brand’s modern image, we expanded on the icon system that leverages the bright Cornerstone Orange with contrasting black and white shades.The user experience is further enhanced by the choice of typography and implementation of the new color scheme, using the distinctive primary color as well as secondary colors to showcase the products.


Technology Used

The user experience is further enhanced by the choice of typography and implementation of the new color scheme, using the distinctive primary color as well as secondary colors to showcase the products.


Our Solution

Our solution began with meticulous user research aimed at understanding the expectations of the gaming community. This invaluable research laid the foundation for our wireframes, which served as blueprints for a seamless user experience and cohesive navigation. We gathered feedback from both target users and stakeholders to ensure the utmost refinement.

Building upon these insights, we crafted a sleek, dark-themed UI meticulously tailored to enhance the visual experience of gamers and imbue a futuristic feel. Our approach combined user-centered design principles with visual design methodologies, prioritizing usability and engagement at every step of the process.

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In the realm of Asus ROG Gaming Laptop UI development, our journey stands as a testament to the profound impact of design in creating user-centric, visually captivating interfaces. We successfully harmonized brand identity with the nuanced preferences of gamers, skillfully navigating through technical challenges and competitive landscapes. Though our research scope may have been modest, it yielded invaluable insights.

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