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With a million websites trying to get our attention today, it is very important for any company to come up with a website that looks and feels up to date as well as the one which gives a good User Experience for a ux design agency. The only way to engage with the consumers on the website is to update it with the latest technological trends. To keep the website relevant and engaging to the customers, it is necessary for the web-developers to be constantly updated with the latest website development frameworks.


Understanding Website Development Frameworks 


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It can be a daunting task to choose which framework to use for a particular web-development project. But there are certain frameworks which are well suited for particular projects.

Read on to know more about the Top 5 frameworks that are currently being used by website development agency.


1. Angular :

Angular JS which is better known as Angular today is a JavaScript open source framework which is specifically designed for single page web applications. It has been developed by Google. After Angular 2, Angular 6 is currently the most popular web-development framework used by website development agency.

Even though it is not a full-stack framework and can be used in front end development and single page applications.


Angular 6 is a new framework which has added a lot of new features and tweaks which is efficiently enhancing the old features. If you are familiar with Angular 2, Angular 6 would be quite easy for you to adapt.



2. ReactJS :

ReactJS is an open source library developed and maintained by Facebook. It can also be converted into a framework using different packages built for ReactJS. ReactJS mainly focuses on the view layer.


ReactJS is mainly used to create interactive User Interfaces. It updates UI dynamically whenever the data changes. ReactJS application is made up of various JavaScript components.



3. Vue.js :



Vue.js is another open source Javascript library for developing interactive user interfaces but it is also used as a web application framework.

It is also capable of powering advanced single-page applications and can be considered to be the best development framework till now.

It has been developed by Evan You who previously used to work with Google’s Angular team.




4. MeteorJS :

MeteorJS is used to develop front-end as well as back-end components of an application and that’s the reason behind its popularity.

It is very popular with developers looking to develop mobile based applications as it promises the best transparency and flexibility to the developer. That’s why, this is the most popular frameworks used by many mobile app development agency.



The technologies are just some of the top web development applications being used in 2018.



The Bottom Line :

To sum up the best framework to use when developing a mobile application or a website, we would like to mention that is all depends on the functionalities used by a particular web-developer.


We hope you have a great time developing your mobile application/website.


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