Best Friends: Photography & Social Media

Photographs speak louder than words! It takes a while to read 30 words in a Facebook post but just two seconds to see a picture! Processing the information becomes easier with photographs and other visual imagery. It wouldn’t be wrong to realize it aids in faster decision making.

Think of it from the point of view of a customer, if an image connects emotionally to them, they will definitely ponder over it. In this fast-paced networking world, product photography is one of the most powerful ways to get leads in your business through online extension and social media. Your customers can’t touch or feel the products but, an appealing picture can do wonders to them.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Breaking the text monotony

There are very few readers left on this planet and reading a text about a marketing message and that is the last thing one would want to read. There’s no argument over the fact that an image can convince in a better manner. (We’ll talk about choosing the right type of images in the next blog.)

2. The brand image on point

Photographs are the best instrument to convey your brand image. The equation these two shares is a really committed one. For e.g., if you sell something youth-based, you cannot promote it through a happy family picture, however good the image is.

3. Storytelling

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words but, you have to make sure the picture makes a gripping story. You won’t even realize and the right narrative through a photograph becomes the essence of your campaign.

Here is an example from our latest Facebook campaign for our client Klassroom Edutech which connects students to quality coaching classes.

pic for SMM 1

In this image, the child’s image along with his teacher is edited with a strategic drawing of a scholar’s cap and calculator emphasizing the dream to become a Chartered Accountant.

pic for SMM 2

Similarly, the second image is evident in the fact of a knowledge enriching conversation between the student and her teacher. The drawings of an engineer’s helmet and machine gears add to the urge of a prominent career ahead.

All you need to do is, keep finding ways to showcase not just your product but, also services through pictures. Social media is a great platform to spread the images related to your brand’s concept, services, and products. Make sure to create a visually appealing piece of content that grabs the attention. What does it take to create it? Just a little curation along with photography basics of focus, color, and composition on a point will do the trick. 

Image Source: Google Images


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