Maximizing Social Media Advertising: Best Practices for Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Social media can make your one piece of content go viral overnight if it has the potential to gain audience attention and interest. Social media platforms are where people verify every bit of information. And not just that, it is the most popular choice of entertainment for the audience to boost their dopamine every day. Social media is a powerful tool for brands to reach every customer out there, expanding their reach and recognition. Social media advertising is used by digital marketing agencies

as a marketing tool primarily for the benefits it offers. In this blog, let’s uncover the best practices and points to note for brands and their social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Human faces:

Of course, a colourful Instagram grid with various design elements is very attractive and aesthetic but performance marketing services suggest that when humans visit your profile on social media, they need to feel a human touch, a human face. Including human faces, testimonials, CEO live sessions, etc will help you reach your audience faster and will also bring in an emotional aspect to your marketing. According to digital marketing agencies, this is going to evoke emotions among your audience and improve your brand-customer relationship. 

Hop onto the trends:

Social media is all about trends and new concepts around the world. Social media marketing services urge brands that are successfully executing social media advertising to hop onto the trends often. Hence brands need to ensure that they keep their social media handles active by creating and producing content based on the trending topics and videos which also refers to moment marketing. 


Keywords are not just applicable or limited to websites. Keywords, hashtags, etc are the most crucial factors in social media advertising. Brands that use keywords, especially well-researched keywords related to their brand and trending topics, tend to reach their audience quicker and perform better on social media.  Digital marketing agencies should ensure that they use relevant hashtags and keywords, trending hashtags and keywords, etc to enhance their social media visibility and presence. 

Platform optimized content:

Brands usually optimize their single content for various social media platforms according to social media marketing services. But there are times when the content is not relevant on the platform or the content is not edited and made responsive for the platform which makes it absurd and odd and will also lead to the disturbance of the entire grid and layout. Hence brands need to consult digital marketing agencies to create and keep updating their content calendars for each platform separately and make content keeping the platform in mind. 

Engage and Elevate:

Social media is a great platform for brands to engage with their audience. Engaging with your audience will boost the brand’s social media presence as well as understand their audience and their behaviours better. Audiences usually get closer to the brand and start building an emotional connection after engaging not just with the content or the product but with the brand as well. Hence,  digital marketing agencies need to include user engagement content in their social media content calendars to boost their social media advertising. 

High-quality visuals:

Social media marketing services say that high-quality visuals are a must for any brand on social media. They not only attract the audiences but also lead to an increase in the engagement of the audience with the content. High-quality visuals will also enhance the brand’s image on social media and the content will reach a wider audience expanding the reach and the recognition. According to the performance marketing services, the visuals selected must be relevant and responsive to the platform and the topic.

Analytics – The Report Card:

Analytics is the main component in determining the reach and performance of your content. Digital marketing agencies monitor your analytics frequently to understand the audience’s likings and responses. Analytics will also help brands understand not just the demographics but also the psychographics of their audience, also performance marketing services give you the overall performance report and will help you plan your future content better suited for your audience. 

Choose the right platform:

Lastly, choose the right social media plan to engage with relevant and your target audience. Performance marketing services encourage brands to ensure that you research well and then choose the platform to utilise the investment you are making. The right platform will not only connect you with the right audience but will also enhance your brand recognition among the right audience. Hence, choosing the right platform is crucial and important for reaching the right audience easily and quickly.

At 3 Minds Digital we understand both our clients as well as their audiences and ensure that our client’s investment in social media marketing services will sow seeds for a better tomorrow. Our experienced and passionate social media team provides top-notch performance marketing services that help our clients enhance and leverage their social media game. 

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