How to use Instagram for boosting your business?

Do you love your Instagram profile? Is it the place that has the record of all your proud moments? Then, why not for your company? Instagram is one of the most user-friendly social networks in current times. Creating a brand profile on Instagram can do wonders for your brand!
Instagram’s business-specific tools have the power of adding stars to your brand’s online image. They allow access to amazing advertisement capabilities, direct ‘call to action’ buttons, and even, audience insights.
So, before anything else, you sign up for an Instagram account and link it to your brand’s Facebook page. This is to make your followers know that they can follow you here as well. Then, amongst the basics, link it to your company’s website and set the logo as the profile picture.

Do you think you are good to go now? Wait! Instagram has its own rules. Let’s get you acquainted with them.

  1. Use popular but, relevant hashtags: Hashtags are something that can make or break your posts. Use them wisely.
  2. No to spam: Don’t spam your follower’s feed by posting too often. Design a schedule and post accordingly.
  3. Make use of popular filters: People are so well acquainted with Instagram filters that they now have a different feeling with each of them. They can be efficiently used to change the feel and look of your posts.( Make sure you don’t overdo them.)
  4. Know the various advertisement formats: Similar to Facebook, Instagram ads are available in several formats. They have customizable objectives such as web conversions, web clicks, video views, post engagement, etc.

Now, let’s talk more about your followers.

Followers make a whole lot of difference on Instagram. They matter the most. PERIOD. The more the followers, the better is your brand image. Hence, the golden rule is: FOLLOW YOUR FOLLOWERS! It not only helps to get stable followers but, also builds a tactful relationship with them.

Here are some more tips to get more followers.

  1. Photo Contests: This is the best way to make more people not just know but, also engage with your brand.
  2. Giveaways: Who doesn’t love free gifts? Instagrammers all over the world organize giveaways based on a lucky draw in return for followers, shares, and comments.
  3. Treat them with a visual experience: For some users, Instagram is all about good photography or pretty editing. Make sure your posts are appealing enough.

Moreover, Instagram is a fun app with lesser complications. That’s the reason for its increasing popularity amongst people. It’s high time you use these rules and tips and get going with another level of your brand’s online image.

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