Infographics Are The Present And The Future Of Presentations!

The ultimate goal of any presentation is to make the viewer understand what you are presenting. But the content within is the factor that essentially sells your presentation.
The most typical way of making a presentation is by using visuals (images) and chunks of text next to it to explain the image. But did you know here’s where you are going wrong!

Having worked on a variety of presentations through Design Pitch Deck, we have understood one thing, and we can vouch for this— INFOGRAPHICS ATTRACT VIEWERS!

So, while a lot of questions have already been crossing your mind about infographics, we have answered one major question— Why is an infographic a better choice.
Let’s start by understanding what infographics are.


We’ve all heard the term, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. But this is not completely true when there’s a presentation at stake. An image might just be speaking 500 words, with the remaining 500 coming from the text that is added to it. Hence creating the infographic, which is essentially a combination of information and graphics, is used to attract the viewer.

Infographics have the ability to engage the viewer visually while providing summaries of facts within minutes. Their appeal and ability to prune information without compromising the clarity of the content is what makes them so effective and engaging.

According to the annual content marketing survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, the use of infographics in presentations rose from 52% to 61% within the span of one year. Proving that infographics were in fact the rising trend when it comes to presentations.

A few ways in which infographics are incorporated into presentations or slides are in the form of graphs or flow diagrams that contain numbers or data. Thereby giving a simplified and summarized version of a thousand words of text.

While infographics may be far more persuasive and engaging than a simple chunk of text, it is the text within these infographics that give it that appeal.


 As a presenter, it is important for you to understand that the incorporation of Infographics is amalgamation words and visuals for any presentation and should not be considered as an “either-or” situation.

No, we’re not saying, every slide needs an infographic but a balance will make the presentation more appealing. There are presentations we have come across where each slide is nothing but a chunk of text and makes it boring to read.

The need to understand each concept’s characteristics is imperative to ace your presentation. Infographics are attention-grabbing and concise in nature, thereby it engages the viewers far more optimally. But on the other hand, the informative and detailed nature of the chunk of text gives you a perfect recipe to create a lip-smacking presentation that will have its viewers licking their fingers.

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