How Content is important in Social Media (Content is King)

Content marketing is the crux of digital marketing. Content plays an important role in selling brands and establishing an identity in the market. One of the objectives of content marketing is to maximize audience and business value by developing and updating timely, valuable, connected, tailored, and optimized content across appropriate channels throughout and beyond the audience life cycle.

Today a person’s perception of a brand is largely influenced by the content that’s published. Often, people prefer to connect with the brand and make it a part of their lives. This depends on one major factor – the imagery the brand evokes. People’s perception of a brand and their readiness to gather more information is what creates a connection here. With the advent of technology in everyone’s houses, people are consuming content more often now and majorly through the tunnel of digital platforms, in the form of blogs,  images, short videos, web series or even pure verbal communication. 

Consumers need to be influenced to make a new purchase. They are required to be connected via multiple touchpoints. Visits on the website or impressions on an ad or mere interactions are not sufficient. To convert consumers into customers they need to be understood and catered to, using content that appeals to them, to create a strong brand recall. This influences the purchase.

Content marketing creates brand identities. It can help generate leads for the brand and improves brand relationships with consumers. Along with written communication, video marketing is the new-age form of content that most audiences engage with. Video production with a captivating storyline and voice-over is quite engaging for the audiences as well. Therefore, producing pertinent videos that are consistent with the equity and values of the brand has a significant impact on the consumers’ minds. You must know that the videos you create should have a strong message, and must be aimed at the appropriate demographics.

In today’s highly competitive and uprising market, the constant reminder that your brand is providing an essential service to the consumer is necessary. Thus, using a digital medium for this is indispensable. Thoroughly managing these platforms and uploading the relevant content for your brand is essential. The content strategy should be created as per the taste of the target audience. Some premium brands prefer content that subtly portrays essential details, while some FMCG brands might need to put out content every day. What you need to know is that the tonality used for content creation is what builds a brand reputation. A brand like Headspace uses a calm and patient tone, while brands like Zomato tend to be more engaging and animated. Remember, online content builds assurance and trustworthiness among customers. And therefore, online reputation is important for the overall brand equity of the firm.

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