How Can Call To Action Boost Your Social Media Marketing?

Selling is an art and digital selling is no more a hidden gem in the market. The world is now digital, and most brands choose to promote or advertise their product/ brand online. Running Ads on social media platforms is not something you treat casually. Today, 90% of the brands in the market make imbecile mistakes and choose to run ads just to join the bandwagon without a cohesive strategic approach. Social media marketing is the highly chosen route for marketing and advertising for any brand in these contemporary times. It is essential to incorporate user behavior and their expectations while curating an ad and that needs to be taken care of at the micro-level. All your selling strategies, ideations, and information that you provide lead your audience to interact with the desired Call to Action (CTA). CTA communicates what you want your audience to do. Creating an effective CTA contributes to substantial income. Social media Advertising aims to lead their target audience to primarily make a call to action. The content is curated in a way that it complements the attached CTA.
We have a few tips for you to make a CTA more effective:

  1.  Appearance
    (A) Color Colors are more than just shades to different objects. Every color has a strong impact on the human mind and they evoke different emotions. Studies show that 62-90% of the first impression is due to colors. It is essential to pick colors that will adhere to what you aim to deliver. The use of contrasting colors will draw the viewer’s attention to your CTA.
    (B)Positioning – Your CTA should be relevant to the content on your ad. If your content supposedly talks about branding than the CTA should communicate and provide more information on the same. Try placing your CTA in the content where people would be more willing to take the desired action. For example, People tend to check the top right corner to reach out to the brand, hence it is always beneficial to place your CTA on the top right corner.
    (C)Breathing space – In order to get expected results from an ad, it should be noticeable enough. Your CTA should stand out from the rest of the information on the screen. It should be placed in a way that it’s easier for the audience to indulge with the CTA button once they feel intrigued.
  2.  Font
    The font is the second-most important factor in making a call to action effective. It may seem like a complex task to pick the correct font size. Text that you want your audience to read first, should be of a different size so that it catches the reader’s attention first. If the font size of the CTA is similar to the rest of the content it might not get noticed unless the audience reads the entire article. You need to keep the layout and content in mind when you pick fonts so they relatively stand out from the rest of the information. Although it’s a subjective decision, it’s ideal to use a single font and if necessary two, in case you want to differentiate the CTA with the rest of the communication. Along with the color of the text, the type of font also plays an essential role in getting the desired action from your target audience.

  3.  Platform Optimization (Device specific ads)
    If you notice the ads that are out there in the market, you will notice one common mistake i.e. picking fonts based on one particular device only, on which the ads are made & tested. If you check an ad on the desktop screen and then review the same on the mobile screen, it will appear differently in terms of the font size and placement unless it is optimized for all devices. Hence, you need to optimize your ads as per all the platforms your target audience will consume it and verify if the CTA is clearly visible.In addition, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to consider for applying CTA on different social media platforms.


    1. Use CTA’s like Try for free, Get started, Join us.
      Your CTA should be action-oriented. Make the reader want to click on the CTA when they read it. If your communication is about selling a product use CTAs like ‘Try now’, ‘Order now’ instead of ‘Learn more’. The choice of words plays an important role in CTAs.
    2. Use relevant CTAs.
      Your CTA should be complementary to your social media management goals. You should understand the importance a CTA plays when it comes to designing an ad. For example, If an NGO is trying to seek for a donation they cannot use CTAs like Buy now, as it will be completely irrelevant. Hence you need to evaluate your goals and use the CTA communication accordingly.
    3. Use data or testimonials to validate your proposition.
      Studies suggest, ‘numbers catch readers eyes.’ Numbers or facts easily help you validate your proposition. If you want to get your audience to interact with you, you need to first concentrate on getting their trust with what you’re communicating.
    4. Place CTA in everything
      It’s not necessary to apply CTA on just ads. You can use different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts for Call to Action. The more the better. Don’t miss any chance of using CTA as that will generate you more leads/benefits however do make sure the relevance of it.
    5. Use CTAs to offer something of value.
      Use CTA to lead your audience to something they wouldn’t regret seeing. While providing social media services you need to understand, the audience is attentive to valuable offerings. Make sure your CTA leads them to the things they wouldn’t feel is a waste of time.


    1. Don’t carelessly place your CTA.
      Your CTA is a source of sales and you don’t want it to be unseen. Placement of the CTA on an ad is extremely important. You need to place your CTA where it can be easily viewed as well as complement the communication.
    2. Don’t use the same colors for CTA
      Your Call to Action should stand out from the rest of the communication. You need to make sure that you use a different color for CTA from the rest of the content so that it looks different and also draws every reader’s attention.
    3. Don’t use many words.
      The use of more words will affect your content readability. You get a maximum of 5 seconds before the reader chooses to scroll down. You need to pick words wisely that will communicate the most in these 5 seconds; so you get the desired action from the reader.
    4. Avoid cliche language.
      Trends become trends when everyone follows it. But you can’t always follow trends or cliche language when you want an expected action from your audience. You need to sound unique and promising for them to invest their time engaging with your ad.
    5. Don’t use the Same CTA for too long.
      A lot of advertisers seem to use the same CTA as it efficiently communicates to the audience but change is essential. It’s best to use different words from time to time to break the stagnancy of your ad and get engagement from your audience.

Call to action (CTA) seems like the easiest part of the ad but it needs to be cross-checked at a micro-level. You cannot compensate with CTA as it is going to make a bank for your brand. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get commendable engagement to your content if used correctly. Optimize your CTA considering the platform it will be posted on, different devices it will appear on, and most importantly your target audience. Use CTA primarily to connect and engage with your audience and keep profit-making as your secondary thought.

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