From Click to Conversion: Crafting Compelling Call-to-Actions

In today’s digital landscape, every click from the consumer makes a difference for a brand. Brands these days need to craft compelling calls to action to drive and boost their conversion rates. Conversion rate optimization services say that it is not just writing mere words asking consumers to take an action, it is the art of convincing and persuading your consumers to click and getting them to take the desired action. It is planning and describing what your consumers should be doing and feeling at every click from call to action to the conversion. In this blog, let’s delve into strategies that you can use to write strong and effective calls to action that will drive your conversion rates. 

Be Straight and Concise:

Brands need to get it straight and up-front with their audience. Try being straight and concise with your calls to action. Conversion rate optimization services urge brands to ensure that there are no lengthy sentences that will lead to the audience losing their attention span. Keep it simple, straight, and clear. For instance, if you want your audience to subscribe then ask them to “subscribe” and not “If you have liked us so far then do subscribe”. Long sentences are just going to lead to a dip in click and conversion rates. 

Build the fear of missing out (FOMO):

Let your audience know that there is an opportunity that they are missing out on. Make them realize that their peers are taking some actions and they should too. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is real. Using terms such as “Don’t Miss Out On”, and “Don’t Miss”, etc is going to make consumers feel the fear of missing out on great deals or offers that the brand is offering. Ensure that you build the excitement before talking about benefits and then proceed to instill the fear of missing out which will in turn boost conversion rate optimization.

Responsive Calls to Action:

Calls to action should be visible and should be optimized for various types of devices. There are several times when the consumer views the product from one device but will search and buy the product from another device. Hence, conversion rate optimization services ensure that brands include and craft calls to action that are responsive and maintain the same design on various devices. 

A/B Testing:

Testing is crucial for any and every brand for every content they produce. A/B testing in this context refers to producing two or more calls to action and analyzing the audience engagement and behaviour with the calls to action which performs better and why it does so. A/B testing will enhance and boost the quality of your calls to action based on your audience and desired actions and will improve conversion rate optimization. Brands usually invest heavily in A/B testing to understand their audience’s behaviour and engagement better. 

Use Numbers:

Numbers are a great way to attract your audience. Calls to actions that consist of numerical are seen to have higher click and conversion rates. Numbers gain attention and attraction. Adding numbers will urge the audience to click and will also build in the fear of missing out. Conversion rate optimization services ensure that while you mention numbers, you also add benefits that the consumer will enable and enjoy if they click the call to action. 

CTA that Stands Out:

There are several times that the audience misses out on the call to action button or link. According to conversion rate optimization agencies this can happen due to several reasons such as the link or button being hidden in the long text on the page and the call to action is not highlighted another reason could be that the call to action is placed even before the consumer is educated about the benefits. Hence brands need to note that just writing strong and bold calls to action is not enough but even the design and placement of the CTA links and buttons matter. Ensure that your CTA stands out and is placed after the consumer is educated about the benefits. This will also help in conversion rate optimization. 

At 3 Minds Digital, we have a dedicated team of writers that understand both your needs and your consumer’s expectations and provide top-notch conversion rate optimization services in Mumbai. We try to craft our CTAs strategically and place them exactly where the audience is hooked and bound to click the link/button. 

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