Emerging App Development Trends – 2018

Mobile App Development Trends to Look for

Most of the businesses these days be it small-time companies or Industry Giants, have already started using the Mobile platform in huge ways. Apart from building their presence across various mobile-centric Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Twitter, they are constantly involved in innovating their mobile applications to provide a better service to the users. Read the article to get to know how to emerge as the Best Mobile App Development Agency by following some popular trends.

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In today’s competitive landscape, companies need to differentiate themselves by providing consumers with a USP. This can be done by incorporating the Emerging Mobile App Development Trends in your company’s mobile application.

Let’s take a look at some of the most emerging app development trends to incorporate in 2018 :

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality :

Although both of these Development Trends are frequently mentioned and are quite popular today, there is always some confusion about the difference between the two. Unlike popular beliefs, both of these trends differ from each other in huge ways and have completely different applications.

Augmented Reality :

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can be considered to be an additional layer of Augmentation on top of Reality. It can be considered to be the most emerging App Development Trend in 2018.

For Eg: Snapchat and its various filters which add bunny ears or a Dog nose to your actual face can be considered to be a good example of Augmented Reality.

More and more companies these days are trying to incorporate this Trend in their businesses to help the users interact with their company in different ways except the traditional way of interaction. This is one of the trends that has a huge scope and can be considered to be one of the most important tools used by the Mobile App Development Agency in today’s day and age.

For Eg: Furniture Companies are using Augmented Reality to help customers explore how specific furniture would look in a specific room even before they buy it.

In 2016, Pokemon Go was a popular game that incorporated Augmented Reality to make the users experience Real-time Pokemons at various locations. The users were then expected to catch the Pokemons. We are sure you definitely tried your hand at it.

Augmented Reality can thus be used in certain unique ways based on your company’s field and the USP. Use it to add that edge to your company and to help your users interact and engage with your brand.

Virtual Reality :

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality can be considered to be an even more exciting feature compared to Augmented Reality. Here, users can experience an environment that is completely different than the reality. Not only can they see the digital environment but can also hear sounds which make it seem to be more ‘real’ when compared to Augmented Reality.

To experience Virtual Reality, users need to wear Headsets which will showcase the digital environment to them. The environment is completely digital and is created using various Development software.

For Eg: Many companies have gone completely experimental through this booming technology. One particular company has developed a Virtual Reality environment which can help users fly. Another company helps users Travel to different places using Virtual Reality. The most famous Virtual Reality environment at the moment helps users ride a Virtual Roller Coaster.

The possibilities with Virtual Reality are endless. Focus on your company’s services to come up with the most innovative way which would help you to strengthen your positioning in the minds of your consumers.

2.Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence :

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence go hand in hand. Machine Learning is the process of helping gadgets learn certain things on their own whereas Artificial Intelligence helps Machines to perform certain tasks which previously needed the assistance of a Human Being.

For Eg: Various websites use chatbots that are powered by Artificial Intelligence. This was previously considered to be a very Human-centric function a few years ago. Also, the emerging ‘self-driving cars’ are powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning helps gadgets analyze trends, provide us with suggestions, and thus help a company grow.

For Eg: Through Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics can process huge data files consisting of unprocessed data and can provide systematic insights. This can help to identify certain trends consisting of Revenue opportunities, Marketing trends as well as provide us with certain Customer Service insights thus helping in the overall operations of a business.

3. Internet of Things :

The Internet of things or IoT is a relatively new trend that places and extends internet capacity to traditionally dumb devices consisting of Homes, Beds, Shoes, and so on. These devices can then perform intelligent functions and can analyze certain behavior to perform specific functions.

The Internet of things

For Eg: Smart Homes use the IoT technology to carry out functions automatically like Opening Curtains at a specific time every day, Switching on lights when someone walks in, as well as automatically heat water at a certain temperature before you walk in into your shower.

The trends mentioned above impact a business greatly and can help a business scale up in various different ways. However, the application of each of these Emerging App Development trends differs according to the branding of your business as well as the products/services provided with your company.

Apart from these, there are other trends that are emerging in 2018, which one are you rooting for?

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