Efficient use of Facebook and WhatsApp

Social media and messaging apps have become such an automatic part of our lives that they seep into our normal routine blindly enough. Just like drinking water, we keep scrolling our Facebook newsfeed and Whatsapp chatbox from time to time.

We have crossed the stage, where people used to call them addiction and total waste time. They are a part of our necessary tasks because they are a source of information and communication.

But, there is no denying the fact that there are times we definitely overspent our minutes on it without utilizing them fruitfully. Here are some hacks to avoid that and make every minute on such applications efficient enough:


Suppose, you spend three minutes to scroll your Facebook newsfeed. Let’s make the most of them.

See First: Facebook’s feature called “See First” can be applied to those profiles whose posts are the most productive to you. Say, if you are a company that is expanding its digital base, posts from the Facebook page of a good digital marketing agency will add a lot of value to you. Eventually, doing this for all the good profiles will ensure Facebook shows you productive content first.

see first on facebook

Unfollow: Often there are some friends and relatives whose posts do not make any sense to you. All you need to do is “unfollow” such profiles so, that you don’t waste your time as they won’t be shown in your newsfeed.

Save Posts: This feature of Facebook allows you to save the posts and you can always go back to them once you have more time. It is okay to scroll over and not read the entire thing at that specific moment.

saved post


You always open WhatsApp with the intention of sending a message. But, have you ever noticed that you forgot about it and in turn started to see the incoming messages.

Typing the message offline:  Keep the internet connection on your phone turned off and open WhatsApp to type the messages you want to send. This way you will be done sending your important messages before you are flooded with the incoming ones.

Mute groups: There are often groups that are always active. Mute them to avoid any kind of disturbances.

Decide then and there: Never think too much after reading a message. Either reply to the exact thing asked or reply about getting back to it when you have time.

Share your hacks that you use to optimize your time in the comments below.

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