Damn! How could you make those mistakes on social media?

Damn! How could you make those mistakes on social media?
The internet and social media are the world away from the traditional form of advertising, marketing, and branding and hence, have their own rules. The online presence of your brand is extremely important to be taken care of in this digital age where everyone resorts to finding products online.
But, what if you go wrong on the basics? IT IS A BLUNDER, MY FRIEND.

Don’t worry, we have a list of all the possible blunders that internet marketers all over the world, make. Let’s set your track right.

  • Too many hashtags: The moment you use a hashtag, that very moment people realize that you are marketing something. Marketing should be done subtly in a way that it seeps in the customer’s system but, when you overload your use of hashtags, it’s like, “Hey, we are using social media to market our product!”
  • Broken hashtags: Well, punctuations can’t go in the middle of a hashtag. Hence, no short forms. This is because punctuations break the hashtag. (Also, it looks really stupid.)
  • Capitalizing each word: We know you were trying to put an extra emphasis but, didn’t your English teacher teach you that there is lowercase and uppercase in a sentence while writing? So, don’t capitalize every word in your post.
  • The type error: The internet is filled with grammar Nazis who are waiting to spot your minute errors and make an issue of it in front of the whole internet world. So, proofread before you post anything or get ridiculed over.
  • Discussion for everyone to see: There are times when some customers resort to social media for reporting the faults they received in the service provided to them. If anything starts on a public platform, intervene and take it into private and make sure you solve the customer’s issues. The comment section is a very crucial part of your post. Having dissatisfied customers is okay but, letting everyone know that you have dissatisfies customers is definitely not okay.
  • Watermarked pictures: People of the internet take plagiarism very seriously. It takes a second to pick up an image from any search engine but, it takes a lot of money to deal with copyright issues. So, make sure you only use images which come under the setting ‘Labeled for reuse (with or without modification, as you require).’

Simple enough to be overlooked, right? Make sure your posts are now error-free on social media. Cheers!

P.S. Is there anything we missed? Tell us in the comments below!

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