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Reddit & Quora: For the curious minds
By Bhoomika Wadhwani   |   August 17, 2017   |    Marketing

Questions and answers have existed since humanity did. The curiosities, the reasons that generate curiosity, the reasons that satisfy it, all are the signs of…

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Decoding the Smartest Method of Marketing: The Cashback Scheme
By Bhoomika Wadhwani   |   August 4, 2017   |    Marketing

It's a dull Sunday. A notification pops up on the screen of your phone - Weekend Offer! Grab 100% Cashback on X&Y Bill of Rs.…

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The Game of Marketing: Game of Thrones by HBO
By Bhoomika Wadhwani   |   July 18, 2017   |    Marketing

We are exactly in the middle of 2017 and the only thing that binds the entire universe¬†together is the launch of the season 7 of…

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Efficient use of Facebook and WhatsApp
By Bhoomika Wadhwani   |   July 11, 2017   |    Marketing

Social media and messaging apps have become such an automatic part of our lives that they seep into our normal routine blindly enough. Just like…

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