Brand Voice and Tone: Communicating Effectively With Your Audience

Brand Voice is the key component that plays a crucial role in brand communication and brand identity design. It portrays essential aspects of a brand such as brand personality, brand values, etc. There are many aspects you want to consider before deciding your brand voice and tone. Let’s now delve into the factors you need to analyze before you finalize your brand voice and tone.

Your Target Audience should get you:

Everything is designed in a brand considering the target audience. It’s the target audience demographics and psychographics that decide the brand image. Digital marketing agencies do thorough research on your target audience and the tone used by your competitors. Based on your target audience you might want to decide your brand language and appeal. Studying your audience’s personalities and lifestyles can inspire you to decide the tone and voice you want to use to communicate with them.

An appeal stays forever:

Once you decide the tone of voice and appeal of your brand, everything you communicate will have the same tone and appeal. Hence, brand design agencies encourage doing thorough research since the appeal will stay forever. Try to keep up with your audience and check in if they are trying to relate the language with your brand.

Consistency matters:

Many branding agencies believe that once a brand starts communicating with the audience in a certain appeal, voice, and tone then there’s no going back. Every content produced to interact with the audience should consist of the same language, tone, and style of writing. Inconsistency in the appeal will lead to alterations in brand image and personality and even change in the target audience and may end up targeting the wrong group altogether.

Compare with yourself:

Once you start communicating with your audience, check their reactions and track their responses. Consult a branding agency to check in if they can understand your language and the main message you want to deliver. See if they are responding to your call to action (CTA) and if they interact with the elements of your content. Compare your content pieces with the best performing one of your brand. Usually, digital marketing services use analytics to study the results.

Keep it casual, if you are casual:

Your brand personality matters and if it is casual then branding agencies advise you to keep even your language, tone, and voice casual. Talk in terms of what you portray and show the world. Keep your way of communication consistent and simple. Avoid the use of high lingo and jargon if not required. The use of clear, concise language is highly recommended.

Differentiate yourself:

Differentiate yourself and your tone of voice from your competitors. Indeed use of simple language is encouraged, branding agencies encourage the use of impactful terms and strong phrases supporting your message is crucial. Revolve your brand’s tone of voice around core values and ideas.

Vocabulary speaks louder:

Your brand vocabulary is a list of all the words you want to use and want to avoid using in the content produced to interact with your audience. Keep your brand dictionary updated and only stick to using them across all platforms. Branding agencies analyze if the words align with the appeal you want your brand to portray. Branding agencies suggest keeping the words simple and understandable and knowing that your audience is not sitting with a thesaurus.

Sometimes formal language is a must:

Brand identity agencies believe that producing content for most social media is easy and brands can take up casual or semi-formal language on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. But there are various other platforms such as LinkedIn and brand emailers where you may want to consider using formal language.

Identification is the key:

Once your brand starts escalating and the content is amplifying, digital marketing agencies analyze if people can identify your brand with the tone and voice you use to interact with them. See if they can differentiate you from your competitor brands. Once your content’s tone and voice start getting recognized, you have successfully established your brand’s voice and tone! Congratulations!!

At 3 Minds Digital, a digital marketing agency we follow all the above steps diligently in establishing and maintaining a consistent tone and voice based on your brand positioning and target audience. We conduct extensive research and then finalize the tone and voice for your brand.

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