7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Business In This Pandemic

Gone are the days when social media marketing could be treated as a luxury, it’s paramount for any business at the time of this pandemic to use the arsenal of social media to grow their brands exponentially. Today, we look at 7 reasons why you should invest in social media marketing for your business in the current pandemic situation:

  1. Brand Growth:

Starting with the most obvious, yet the reason why social media is such an incredible tool for businesses is unparalleled brand growth and recognition. More and more people are creating social media accounts, nearly half of the world’s population already have an account on one or the other social media platform giving an opportunity to spread campaigns about products and engaging with existing and potentially new customers while increasing traffic tremendously. Social Media benefits over other forms of media since it is easily accessible and the costs are negligible. 

  1. Direct Access:

Social Media also provides us another powerful tool than other media in regards to having direct access to users. The communication is direct with the possibility of getting instant gratification, something which other forms of media fail to do. An advertiser can instantly know how the product is being received by the users, can work on the short-comings and make the products even better based on the feedback gathered. In a sense it humanizes a brand and provides a platform to engage and build a community around the brand through meaningful campaigns. Direct-access means brands can quickly communicate their messages and plans across to the users without having to put in a lot of money and effort.

  1. Customer Targeting:

Social Media Ads are probably one of the greatest boons for advertisers, helping them to effectively reach their target audience. These ads give in-depth options to choose one’s target audience on a wide range of filters from Location, Age, Gender and Personal Preferences giving the option of providing personalized experience to potential customers.

  1. Low Costs:

Social Media ads have become one of the cheapest yet most effective options for brands. An impressive ROI means you save up on your budget which could be potentially used on other forms of marketing. Social media ads give you the chance to improve upon the existing ads with customer feedback. A full-page newspaper ad for one day costs more than a social media ad running 24*7 for 15 days, it isn’t too difficult to guess which one offers better ROI or gains traction for a brand!

  1. Virality:

People love sharing unique and meaningful content on social media. Brands have been using campaigns centred around a common theme to get viral for years now. Getting viral gives your brand access to billions of users’ over-night but it’s something which needs planning and thorough implementation! An important thing to note here is that a brand shouldn’t look to go viral just for the sake of it, the idea should be centred around the core theme of the brand so it captures the imagination of the users and the brand is etched in the subconscious forever.

  1. Improved Search Engine Ranking & Marketplace Insights:

Social Media marketing could possibly be the easiest way to jump up on the search engine rankings. Being consistent and aggressive with your social media marketing could yield favourable results for brands looking to jump places on their search engine rankings. Brands can also track user activities on social media with ease to identify customer preferences, their likes and dislikes. 

  1. Customer Service & Communication:

Harvard recently conducted a research on how brands suffer due to unattended customer grievances while those who prioritise customer complaints fast benefit multi-fold. The study revealed that customers were willing to pay in excess of 20$ for a ticket on an airline which answered back a tweet in five minutes or less.
Timely Communication could turn into a boon for brands who could use social posts to highlight positive reviews and achievements while addressing a negative post before it escalates into a major problem. A strong communication team could help build meaningful long-lasting relationships between the brand and its customers.

Brands could use social media marketing to enhance their growth tremendously. No other form of marketing gives the opportunity to engage with such a huge number of users, gives an option to engage with customers directly, generate new leads and potential customers at an unbelievably low cost! It has its nuances though, and advertisers always need to be on their feet for ever-changing dynamics, new ideas and concepts to build their brands.

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