Appearing for the first time around the 1990s, PPC has grown strength to strength and is still one of the most widely used advertising models in the world. PPC is an incredibly effective tool to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement together with the power to instantly generate leads. In this model, the advertisers pay for every click on their ads hosted on the web. Here, we discuss the top 7 benefits of PPC advertising for business:

  1. Cost Effective:

Possibly, cost effectiveness is the most fundamental advantage of PPC advertising. The advertiser is always in control of budgets and potential targets. The charges aren’t on the number of impressions or reach, rather on the number of clicks which ensure that the lead had a look on your product or service.

They are easy to measure unlike other options which gives the opportunity to improve upon the ads to get an improved ROI. 

  1.  Control:

Starting with the budget to setting up the demographics, PPC advertising lets you take complete control of your ads. From keywords to placements, PPC offers tools for you to experiment with. Low budget needn’t always be an obstacle as you can publish an extremely low-budget ad and then put in more money upon generating expected number of leads. They also offer a chance to change or edit ads if something doesn’t work out.

  1. Instant Traffic and Warm Leads:

PPC drives customers who are already on the look out for a similar product while also driving instant traffic of numerous such customers. Such leads at the time when your organic marketing isn’t in place could boost your business immensely. While SEO efforts often take up considerable time and attention, Google Ads offers more with a fraction of the effort.

  1. Multi-layered Targeting Options & Retargeting:

Ad metrics are solely dependent on the advertiser’s preference which provides grounds for specific targeting of customers. From keywords on a text ad to remarketing based on a customer’s past behaviour, PPC offers ways to experiment and try out new approaches to leverage its advantages. Retargeting allows the advertisers to convert a reluctant lead into a potential customer by acknowledging their apprehensions about the product.

  1. Ease of Production:

PPCs are extremely easy to handle and do not require extravagant production skills. The process is simple to set-up, and the PPC agencies like Google Ads are always available to help out in the creation of campaigns. All the high-level performance details, including impressions, clicks, and conversions are fairly easy to track and monitor.

  1. Working with Marketing Channels & Benefits on Social Media Strategy:

Google Ads provide tools like ‘Audience Observation’ which provides in-depth insight on the performance of audience groups which could be leveraged for social media marketing by tagging. Using data from PPC ads could vitalise not just the engagement and click-rate but also build brand recognition on social media channels. 

PPC and SEO also combine to form an important marketing ally and tools like Google Ads remarketing could prove to be an invaluable asset to keep leads engaged.

  1. Statistics:

The numbers couldn’t be more in favour of PPC ads. According to a Google estimate, PPC boost brand awareness by as much as 80% while almost 40000 searches are processed by Google every second. Surveys have also found the willingness in users to engage in PPC ads with 63% people claiming to willingly click on Google ads and 75% people clicking on ads say the information is easier to find. 

The statistics speak for themselves, any advertiser not using PPC are putting their business on a backfoot. PPC advertising is an evolving and ever-growing industry which is expected to grow leaps and bounds in the upcoming years. It has been a reliable source for numerous companies seeking instant engagement and traffic. The risks are negligible and the rewards are fulfilling, offering a wealth of data and most importantly, potential customers.

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