3MD and the Fight With COVID-19

With more than 10,000 deaths and around 230,000 infections worldwide, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world. In a span of two and a half months, everything has changed completely. From people flocking on streets in huge numbers to celebrate their weekends, we have reached a situation where apart from police vans and ambulances, there is nothing else in the vicinity. Every sector has taken down a beating and there is a risk of a recession looming large.

The only way to bring our lives back to normal is to stand together and stop this deadly virus from spreading. Keeping this thought in mind, 3 Minds Digital has taken some steps to co-operate with the authorities and help us recover from this crisis and is listed among the top agency. We would encourage you to follow them too to ensure that we bring back the world to where it belongs. Take a read:

Work From Home
Yes, it’s true that we are at our productive best when we work from our offices. However, the last thing we need now is our colleagues getting infected. This not only puts them at risk but also their families along with everyone living around them. As our work is also important, we can’t give up on it completely. So, the best option is to work from home and avoid going to our workplaces for the time being. This way you will also get to spend time with your family and your work will be least affected.

Sanitization is a Priority
Gone are the days when only our desk had to be cleaned every day. The pace at which COVID-19 is spreading we need to ensure a proper hygienic environment for the people who need to come to the office. The only way this pandemic can be tackled is by cleaning and taking care of our workplace every day. If you are one of them who has to go to work, try to keep your office properly cleaned and sanitized.

Ensuring Personal Hygiene
This is something that one should always follow without being encouraged to. Pandemic or not we should never compromise on our personal hygiene. However, if you were not serious about it before, this is high time you start now as it can be the difference between your life and death. So, make sure you always keep a sanitizer with yourself and keep cleaning your hands with that. You should also keep washing your hands properly for at least 20 seconds. This simple step can help you stay fit and firing in these times of panic.

Avoid Gatherings
We are human beings and we love to socialize. It’s extremely difficult for us to isolate ourselves. However, right now we must give up on one of the most important needs ie., socializing to overcome may be the most challenging threat this world has ever seen. So, avoid going to parties, gyms, malls, group meetings, and anywhere else that involves coming together of several people. This will not only keep you infection-free but also everyone who you care about.

Encourage People to Follow the Instructions
We are blessed that our information travels faster than COVID-19. So, Why not use this advantage to beat this pandemic. Use the government’s official websites and WHO for the correct information about this deadly virus and spread it as much as you can. If someone is not taking it seriously, try to make them understand the impact COVID-19 can have on their lives.

Just like everyone in the world hoping for this phase to end soon, we at 3 Minds Digital are doing the same. In our lifetime, we have heard the phrase that ‘You can do nothing sitting at home.’ For the first time, we can prove this wrong as we can tackle this virus by literally just sitting in our homes. So, do nothing to ensure that you get to do everything once this passes. We have endured worse and will overcome this too.

So, Stay at your home, stay safe.

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