10 Simple Social Media Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

If your brand is lacking social media presence, then you are losing half of your customers. Social media marketing services are one of the most crucial factors to consider for your brand’s recognition. It not only helps your business reach new individuals, but it also ensures global awareness for your brand. Whether you are starting afresh or your brand lacks a social media account then it’s your time to get started.

The hacks in this blog will help you reach and engage with a wide set of audience globally.

  1. Hit on Trending Topics
    Moment marketing is one of the best ways to engage and interact with your target audience. It enables your brand to gain the attention of a larger set of audience. When your brand actively participates in a trending topic along with using the hashtag, you might stand out in the social media feed making your post viewed by a larger segment of people. It not only builds a connection but also states that your brand is not just about promoting your products but also engaging in discussions your followers like.

    Participating in trending topics is essential but it does not mean that you take part in topics that are of no use. For example, a fashion brand does not need to engage itself in a trending topic of food. It should align with your brand identity, values, and messaging.

  2. Right Platform Matters
    Just like you dress according to the occasion, in the same way, it is very necessary to select the right platform for your brand. Not every message has to be the same for all the platforms. The platform you choose should be the one that your target audience is active, the most. It helps you optimize your time, money and results efficiently. Assessing and analyzing your audience helps your efforts be utilized properly and leads to better engagement.

  3. Analytics and Data
    To build an efficient strategy, checking on analytics is one of the most crucial steps. Your data and insights help you build a strategy that will make you stand out from your competition. Regularly keeping a check on data helps you separate successful social media strategies from mediocre ones. You can rely on informed decision-making rather than guesswork, helping you clearly understand what’s working best for your brand. Track everything you can, from engagement metrics to audience demographics, and use this information to refine your approach continuously.

  4. Right Image Size
    There are different sizes for different social media channels. Even if it’s a simple task, a wrongly sized image can lose engagement-especially in visual platforms like Instagram. It is important that your images are visually appealing and perfectly posted. If you are posting your images on a platform with recommended dimensions, you should always double-check and adjust the image sizes to match.

  5. A/B Testing
    A/B Testing is the best way to assess which marketing strategy is working the best for your brand. By adding A/B testing results into your marketing plan, which includes emails, landing pages or other information which is not shared on social media, you can improve your marketing plan to a huge extent. It allows you to judge what’s working and what’s not working for your brand which helps you create a more engaging and effective marketing strategy.

  6. Influencer Marketing
    If you are not using influencer marketing for your brand then you are losing on a potential segment of your target audience. Collaborating with influencers helps your brand reach a fresh set of audiences as they have their own set of communities who trust the recommendations made by them. Not only that but it is a fun and engaging way to portray your brand. It is a win-win collaboration where your product gets exposed to a larger set of audience.

  7. Chatbot
    Well, we all know that users don’t like to wait for the help. Thus, having a chatbot to reply to queries dropped by your potential customers is surely gonna help your brand retain them. Chatbots make communication easier, convert user into leads and efficiently helps tackle customers when you are busy with other things. It helps save you time as well.
  8. The Power of Videos
    The times have changed and with that video format content has become immensely popular among social media enthusiasts. Videos are powerful sources of interaction and engagement with your target audience. Compared to regular static posts, a video is more fun and exciting to increase engagement. You can use various types of videos like tutorials, reviews, behind-the-scenes, collaborations with influencers and much more to interact with users in a more efficient way.

  9. Posting time
    Your content’s engagement and reach can be greatly improved by knowing when to share it. Just like a train reaches its platform at the right time to have a maximum number of people onboard, in the same way, a post getting live at the right time reaches the maximum set of people. You can check the analytics and know when your target audience is most active. Once you know the right time to post, you can incorporate scheduling tools into your social media marketing strategy.

  10. Repurposing the Content
    “Old is gold”, is apt for social media posting as well. Adapting the old content which got highly engaged and repurposing it in a new fresh way can help you engage with your target audience. Whether it is turning blogs into social media posts or a static carousel into a video, repurposing content will not just save your time but will also ensure your message resonates with a diverse crowd.

Incorporating these tips and tricks into your social media marketing plan will surely help your brand reach new heights and increase engagement. These tactics are easy and proved to be very efficient when it comes to reaching and connecting with potential customers on social media. Whether it’s timing, video content or repurposing old content, all these tactics play a very big role in your brand’s growth journey. You can also partner with a Social Media Marketing agency like 3 Minds Digital to help your brand grow.

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