Know what to use: Facebook Boosted Posts or Facebook Advertisements

If you are on your novice level in choosing the type of social media to promote your brand, product, event, or simply anything, Facebook is the place. In recent times, Facebook has emerged as the king of advt. campaigns. This is because most of your consumers scroll through Facebook every day. You just can’t miss making your mark on the most clearly visible newsfeed on earth. So, if you have decided to promote on Facebook, choose what do you want to do, boost it up, or advertise.
If you ever thought boosted posts and advertisements on Facebook are more or less similar, you’ve landed on the right page to get your facts right. They definitely look similar to the ‘Sponsored’ tag on them, they are priced pretty much the same but, the making and purpose of both of these are different.


Facebook Boosted Posts:
With boosted posts, Facebook makes your status updates, photos, videos, and offers appear higher in the News Feed of your target audience. This makes more people see your post. The main purpose here is to make the post reach more people and as a result, multiply the engagement.

Facebook Advertisements:
With advertisements., Facebook helps your company get real, quantifiable results. It is a much-intensified procedure as you have to formulate your strategy and design the entire advt. The main purpose here is to capture leads and drive revenue.


Facebook Boosted Posts:
If you are looking for a fast and easy way to drive quick traffic, all you need to do is boost your post. It is as quick as two minutes to see it reaching thousands of people.

Facebook Advertisements:
If you want to see a long-term and fruitful result of your investment, go for advertisements. You will then be able to choose the type of advt. you want and even the goal of your campaign.


Facebook Boosted Posts:
The presence of capture devices is negligible here. Thus, call to action is weak.

Facebook Advertisements:
Various capture devices such as getting the user to fill a form, booking a tour or showing the map of your business are possible through advertisements.


Facebook Boosted Posts:
Click on the ‘Boost Post’ button. All you need to is set your budget, timeline, and target audience.

Facebook Advertisements:
First of all, you choose your goal. Then, set up a campaign, determine your audience, add your budget and finally, create your advt. copy.

Long story short/In a nutshell, using Facebook advertisements. is more cumbersome than simply using Facebook boosted posts. If you want an easy way for your post to spread to be seen by more people, boost the post but, if you want something more customized and advanced, try Facebook advertisements.

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