Wishbells Case Study

3 Minds Digital was assigned with creating the brand identity for Wishbells. As we worked on the identity a unique, friendly and personal brand formed in the shape of a bell and a ribbon around it. The wavy nature of the ribbon circling around the bell showed the 360 degree approach of Wishbells in managing events for their clients.

Client Wishbells
Industry Gifting
Creative Director Harnish Shah
Tech Lead Moulik Jain
Widhbells Logo Design
Wishbells Banner Design
Wishbells Color Scheme
Wishbells Typography
Wishbells Packaging Design
Wishbells Packaging
Wishbells Background Vector Design
Wishbells Rajpal Yadav
Wishbells Rajpal Yadav Cartoon Design
Wishbells Business Cards
Wishbells Accessories
Wishbells Designing
Wishbells Cups Mockups
Wishbells Diary Mockup
Wishbells Board Design
Wishbells Books Mpckup
Launch Project