Tata Sampann Case Study

Tata Sampann, a brand known for its historicity for as long as we can remember, has now stepped in the snacking business with their Dal-icious snacks. They have carried forward their authenticity through the perfect blend of nutrients in this new product, And we had an opportunity to get on-board with a mission to disseminate the same authenticity through a launch presentation for them.

We designed an extensive presentation deck for the launch of this ‘Dal-icious Snack’ range. The interactive play between illustrations, fonts, and images helped us achieve our goal - to make the consumers aware of the philosophy of healthy wholesome snacking! The designs are comprised of freehand doodling and vibrant colors that excellently reflect how appetizing the Tata Sampann Dal Snacks are! In addition to it, it highly compliments their vision and mission behind this new venture - to make a perfect blend between flavor and health. The presentation wraps every detail of the product ranging from variation in flavors to its nutritional benefits. Tata Sampann's year-long legitimacy and its new range of Dal Snacks for the munching generation emerges seamlessly from their launch presentation.

Client Tata Sampann
Industry FMCG
Creative Designer Harnish Shah
Junior Designer Fairoos Ahmad
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