With the sudden outburst of people all over India having access to the internet, Logical Indian realised the need for a platform where people could have access to relevant and reliable news in Hindi. Tarksangat is an attempt to fill that gap by being a digital platform that provides the latest news to people who are educated in Hindi.

typography design
The creation of a typeface exclusively for Tarksangat.

The 3 Minds Digital team wanted to create a logo that merged the English and the Devanagri script. To reflect the ethos of the brand, we designed a logo which highlights the T at the beginning and end of ‘TarksangaT’ through the Devanagari script.

Launch Website
  • ClientTarksangat
  • IndustryNews Portal
  • Creative DirectorHarnish Shah
  • Junior DesignerAkanksha Kumar
logo design
business caard design
The Reusability Factor

With Tark also denoting context, the T’s double up as Quotation marks which can be used with great versatility. This could be used in images as a highlighting element , to further represent how the focus of Tarksangat is on the people.

tarksangat media
mockup design
social media