Rugged Sahyadri Case Study

The diverse and gorgeous topography of Maharashtra is the bonus for the Ruggedians to gear up for Rugged Sahyadri. The route from Panhala to Pawan Khind in Kolhapur, is a combination of craggy, rolling and steep terrain. The race begins from Panhala – a place that often turns into a dream sequence with a blanket of fog. The participants trek through rain and fog with no volunteer or organiser’s support and is thus India’s Toughest Trail Race.


Client Rugged Sahyadri
Industry Event
Creative Director Harnish Shah
Junior Designer Ayush Bhansali
Rugged Sahyadri
Rugged Sahyadri Portfolio
Rugged Sahyadri Portfolio
Rugged Sahyadri Portfolio
Rugged Sahyadri Portfolio

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals were created with the Brand Identity and Brand Image in mind. We stuck to earthy colors, i.e. shades of brown and foliage green; with a zing of yellow, to bring out the energetic vibe of the brand. Use of modern and casual elements, we have created an aura of youth and enthusiasm, with the prominent infusion of natural components for the ‘Rugged’ look.

Rugged Sahyadri
Rugged Sahyadri
Rugged Sahyadri

Symbolize and summarize.

Saul Bass, Logo Designer

We used all the elements that describes this brand, to create a straightforward logo design that ignites the imagination of the viewer and helps them recreate the image of nature and adventure sports in their mind.

The key elements used are:

1. Fort
2. Mountains
3. Athletes
4. Trees
5. A Dusty Font
Rugged Sahyadri
Rugged Sahyadri
Ultra Trail Run
Extreme Terrain for Extraordinary People
Panhala to Pawankhind
Sahyadri Trail
Letter Head - Rugged Sahyadri
Rugged Sahyadri
Adventure Begins
I am a Finisher - Rugged Sahyadri