Reliance Jio Case Study

Reliance Jio needs no introduction. It is one of India's largest mobile network provider, amongst a host of other services. As a company, Jio regularly comes up with innovative products, which go through an extensive cycle of pitching, approval, market testing before being officially launched. One such product we worked on was Jio Gate. Reliance Jio approached us to create a presentation/publication that could project the benefits and data points for the product in an easy to understand + visual way.

The challenge was more than just creating a presentation deck, it was about making the data points extremely easy to comprehend. Riding on Jio's brand language and aligning with their philosophy, the final outcome was an aesthetic deck that generated curiosity and showcased the intricate text wonderfully.

Client Reliance Jio
Industry Technology
Creative Director Harnish Shah
Design Lead Akanksha Kumar
jio case studyy
jio case study
jio case study
jio case study
jio case study
jio case study

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