Haryana Steelers Case Study

Under the JSW Sports umbrella, Haryana Steelers is bringing glory to the old-age sport of Kabaddi in India. Shining at the Pro Kabaddi League, the squad is synonymous with talent, resilience and strength.

The sponsorship presentation designed for the upcoming season needed to reflect the soul of the game, and at the same time share crucial details sponsors need to know. The Dhakkad team and their zeal has been translated using interesting design elements which represents the indigenous sport. The presentation details the sponsorship options and avenues available to the sponsors. The presentation signifies elements of Kabaddi and accords the JSW Sports team an edge by giving them the flexibility to edit content on the sponsorship pitch deck at their end, without compromising on the design.

  • ClientJSW Sports
  • IndustrySports
  • Creative DirectorHarnish Shah
  • Junior DesignerSukriti Dhariwal
Haryana Steelers - Score Board
Team Haryana
Before & After - Haryana Steelers
6 Win in a Row - Haryana Steelers Illustrator Design - Haryana Steelers